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HUGE $35,000 Emma Sleep Products Giveaway: Beds, Bedding, Mattress & 100 Pillows to be Won!

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, it all comes down to your sleep space: a calm and clutter-free area, good curtains to block out the light and noise, a cosy comforter, comfy mattress, sturdy bed frame and, probably two of the biggest sleep essentials, a non-snoring partner AND a non-kicking-you-in-the-head-all-night child.

While we can’t help you with the snoring husband or nighttime bed-thieving ninja children, what we can do is provide you with the essential steps AND sleep products to ensure an absolutely fantastic night’s sleep.

mum centralThanks to the sleep scientists at Emma Sleep, we have 105 amazing prizes to give away including 100 x pillows, 2 x bed frames, 1 x sofa bed, 1 x mattress and 1 x mattress protector/duvet cover/pillow set bundle.


Will you be one of our lucky 105 winners? Simply put your name down below and tick the items you want to win (tick one or tick them all) to be in the running.

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Sleep is one of the most natural things in the world but it’s also one of the things we struggle with the most. In theory, we should be able to close our eyes, zonk out for eight to ten hours, wake up refreshed and ready for the day and then repeat for 80+ years.

Pregnancy ruins this dream. Newborns also ruin it. Kids, in general, are sleep-stealers too.

But there are also non-parenting factors that wreak havoc on our dreams of rest including stress and busy schedules where, instead of sleeping, we find ourselves making Bookweek costumes at 11 pm! Too much caffeine, not enough exercise, late-night screen time, and midnight anxiety are all big contributors to our lack of quality sleep.

Emma Box in a Bed
It’s so easy to enjoy your new mattress to your door and 100 nights to test it out! Source: Supplied

Setting up your perfect sleep space with Emma Sleep 

The wrong sleep environment can also impact how much or how little of good, quality sleep we are getting as well as whether we’re waking up rejuvenated, or resisting getting out of bed in fear we won’t be able to move our necks.

This is why it’s so important to invest in sleep products that won’t let you down. Emma Sleep’s award-winning sleep products include bed frames, mattresses, sofa beds, quilts, mattress protectors and pillows. All of which are made of amazing quality, with top-notch designs, and backed by sleep research.

Whether you want to revamp your entire bedroom or are looking for a new mattress, frame or even sofa bed for sleepovers, these are our top picks for the best night’s sleep. And remember, all of these great sleep products are up for grabs!

Enter to WIN them below.

8 Must-Have Sleep Products 

1. Emma Wooden Bed

RRP: Single $2,199 | King Single $2,309 | Double $2,419 | Queen $2,529 | King $2,859

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Not all bed frames are equal. Sure, you want a frame that looks good and suits your bedroom decor, but it’s so important to check the material and panel support too. Beds made of wood, for example, are known for their durability and moisture-reducing features and also look lovely in the bedroom.

Crafted out of timeless pine wood, the Emma Wooden Bed is a winner! It takes 15 minutes to assemble (no tools required) and is OEK-Tex 100 Certified and FSC-certified sustainable. Expect a sturdy and noise-free sleep and a calming vibe every time you open the door to your bedroom. It even has storage solutions for a clutter-free bedroom space! You can add up to 4 spacious drawers down under to help keep your room neat and tidy.

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN: We have 1 x Emma Wooden Bed up for grabs, valued at up to $2,859. Our winner can choose the size. 

2. Emma Signature Bed

RRP: Single $680 | King Single $750 | Double $820 | Queen $890 | King $950

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If you’re after a plush bed base, then the Emma Signature Bed is your best sleep partner. This is a great bed choice for the kids as well as for yourself and we love the sleek design. It’s simple yet elegant and provides you with the perfect support, all for under $1,000 too (and that’s for the King Size).

It takes less than 30 minutes to set up and the thick padding of its headboard makes this bed frame ridiculously comfy. It also comes with patented technology for ultimate support – FlexiSlats® for tailored pressure relief and a special AirFlow® bed base for maximum breathability. Designed for durability and perfect for any bedroom aesthetic, this bed is a great choice for your own room, spare room or the kids’ rooms.

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN: We have 1 x Emma Signature Bed up for grabs, valued at up to $950. Our winner can choose the size. 

3. Emma Comfort Mattress 

RRP: Single $580 | King Single $640 | Double $750 | Queen $810 | King $860

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While your bed base matters, the star of the sleep show is always your mattress. You want to ensure you’ve selected the right level of firmness for your sleep needs while also supporting every part of your body. The Emma Comfort Mattress is a hands-down legend in the mattress world with a 4.7 rating on Product Review (that’s from over 6,000 customers). It was also voted Product of the Year 2023, Mattress and it retails for under $900 for King.

The Emma Comfort Mattress is a mattress in a box so you simply unroll it and you’re ready to go. It has just the right level of firmness to ensure you get proper support balanced with unparalleled comfort and features a unique Airgocell® layer that promises you won’t feel a thing when someone moves on the other side of the bed. Uninterrupted sleep – finally!

The expertly designed mattress is 100% breathable with special pores that keep moisture out and ensure you can sleep comfortably and healthier. It’s machine washable too! Bonus! Read our review of the Emma Comfort Mattress.

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN: We have 1 x Emma Comfort Mattress, valued at up to $860 to give away. Our winner can choose the size. 

4. Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow

RRP: $279

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There’s an incredible difference between a high-quality pillow and your everyday “grab-a-two-pack-at-the-grocery-store” pillow. Many of us have never invested in a decent pillow and let me tell you, it’s 100% worth the investment!

Two of the best types of pillows are memory foam pillows and microfibre pillows. Both are designed to support your body by whisking away moisture and keeping you cool all night.

The Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow combines the best of both worlds – it’s a microfibre and memory foam pillow in one, combining the lightness of the microfibre pocket and the support of the memory foam core. This is the new generation of pillows and trust us, everyone needs one of these (or two!). Fluffy, breathable, and with the perfect support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on Cloud 9.

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN: We have 100 of these incredible pillows up for grabs, valued at $279 each. Enter to win one below! 

5. Emma Diamond Pillow 

RRP: $189

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Another perfect pillow option is the Emma Diamond Pillow which guarantees a cool, relaxing sleep through Diamond Degree™ technology which regulates your temperature. Along with a moisture-resistant pillow cover for extra breathability, you can fall asleep more deeply when your temperature is constant. This pillow also has a customisable height and firmness for every sleeping position: Keep all 3 layers for side sleepers, 2-3 layers for back sleepers, and just 1 layer for stomach sleepers.

6. Emma All Seasons Duvet

RRP: Double $239 | Queen $249 | King $259

Source: Supplied

Pair your perfect pillow with a deluxe duvet that will keep you warm through chilly autumn nights, and keep you cool in summer. The Emma All Seasons Duvet is perfect in all temperatures and made of 100% cotton for a refreshed feel throughout the night. On the inside is a cosy 250 gsm fill made of a polyester blend while the outside boasts a white woven fabric in a wavy stitch pattern with a bound finish. What we especially love about the All Season Duvet is that it’s machine-washable so stains are not a problem!

7. Emma Mattress Protector

RRP: Single $169 | King Single $179 | Double $189 | Queen $199 | King $209

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A mattress protector is one of the accessories every bed needs, especially if you have kids or pets. Emma Mattress Protector makes your mattress 100% waterproof and spill-proof – no jokes!!

Its top layer is made of a material that blocks liquid and protects your mattress from moisture and dirt so that your mattress stays clean and lasts longer. It also extends the life of your mattress by protecting it from dirt, spills, and abrasions. It’s easy to put on, compatible with all mattresses, crinkle-free, and machine washable.

Shop All Emma Sleep Accessories! 

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN ALL 3: We have 1 Emma Sleep Accessories Prize Pack up for grabs featuring 1 x Emma Diamond Pillow, 1 x Emma Mattress Protector and 1 x Emma All Seasons Duvet, valued at a total of $657. Our winner can choose the duvet and mattress protector size. 

8. Emma Sofa Bed

RRP: $1,850

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While we all prefer our beds for sleep, it’s always a good idea to have a backup sleep space just in case. For any spare room, office or living area, a sofa bed is a space-saving and versatile option. There are instances where you may find yourself sleeping on the sofa bed but sofa beds are also great for guests, sleepovers and special movie nights with the kids.

For the best in comfort and design, you cannot go past the Emma Sofa Bed! It can easily be converted from a comfortable sofa into a cosy bed in just seconds – no tools required. Sustainably made and beautifully upholstered, it also comes with built-in armrest storage and two throw pillows. It also ticks all the sustainability boxes – FSC-Certified, OEKO-Tex® 100 Certified Quality, Global Recycle Standard Certified and CertiPUR-US-Certified.

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN: We have 1 x Emma Sofa Bed, valued at $1,850 up for grabs.

Emma comfort mattress
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Shop the Whole Emma Sleep Range 

There’s a lot to love about Emma Sleep and once you discover this incredible range of sleep products, you’ll see why Emma Sleep is quickly becoming the Queen of Good Nights! In addition to high-quality sleep products, designed by sleep researchers, they also offer competitive pricing with plenty of discounts and sales throughout the year.

All of their products also come with a 100-night trial, free delivery, easy returns and a 5-year- warranty.  Check out Emma Sleep for yourself!

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7 Additional Sleep Tips for the Best Night’s Sleep

Investing in the right sleep products is essential for ensuring not only good quality sleep, but a comfortable one too. Below are a few other sleep tips to keep up your sleeves.

1. REMOVE THE CLUTTER: Your bedroom is often your dumping ground but this can make it even harder to relax at night. Try to keep your bedroom as calm and clutter-free as possible by removing those piles of laundry that you haven’t folded yet and other non-essential sleep items. This includes the kids’ pile of toys they’ve duped on your bed. Bye Bye Barbie.

2. REMOVE DISTRACTIONS:  Sure, a TV is nice to watch in bed, but it can also lead to late-night binge sessions when you KNOW you should be asleep. This is the same with bringing laptops and other work-related stuff into bed. Leave the entertainment and work in another room and make your bedroom for sleep. And whatever you do, resist the urge to check your phone before bed – or, even worse, in the middle of the night.

3. LIGHTING MATTERS: Block the night and noise with blackout blinds or good quality curtains and look for a dim light to keep beside your bed.

4. SET THE STAGE FOR SLEEP: I know not everyone likes to make their bed in the morning, but it’s so much more relaxing to end the day by jumping into a freshly made bed. There’s something so calming about putting the covers down, removing the pillows, turning on the bedside table light, and letting your body know that BED is calling soon!

5. SCHEDULE WIND-DOWN TIME: You may have a hard time going straight from the go-go-go of the day to sleep. If you want to be asleep by 10 pm, start the wind-down process, which may include something relaxing like a shower and some reading, an hour before this time.

6. CHOOSE THE RIGHT BEDTIME SNACK: There are some foods that are great for aiding sleep. Those high in melatonin include bananas, cherries and nuts while chamomile tea can be very calming. Turkey is also meant to bring on sleep but you may not want to gnaw on meat before bed. Some people swear by drinking hot water with lettuce leaves to induce sleep. Stay clear of coffee and alcohol.

7. ELIMINATING MIDNIGHT ANXIETY: Many people will wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to fall back to sleep as their mind starts to tick and their worries start to come through. This is really common so if you do struggle with this, you are certainly not alone!

One tip to try is to take deep breaths and count, focusing only on the numbers and nothing more. 4-7-8 breathing is another option where you inhale for a count of four, hold for seven, and then blow out for eight. Do this at least five to seven times to slow your heart rate.

We know how hard it can be to function on a poor night’s sleep or to wake up feeling exhausted. We hope these sleep tips and picks from Emma Sleep can transform your sleep space and ensure you wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle the day!

Put your name down to WIN one of 105 prize packs from Emma Sleep including 100 pillows, two beds, one accessories prize pack, one mattress and one sofa bed. What a haul – this is our BIGGEST Sleep Competition yet!

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Over 100 lucky  Mum Central readers will take home one of Emma Sleep’s amazing products in our biggest sleep competition ever. We have a prize pool total of $35,076 with several products up for grabs. 

Simply fill out the form and tick the items you’d like to win (tick one or all – it’s up to you).

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