It’s Science Week parents, which, if you have kids at school, you most likely already knew. Why? Because every year primary school students participate in a Science Week School Fair.

It’s optional at my kids’ school but they do love it and this year I wanted to do something extra fun and easy.

Enter an exploding watermelon

I mean, if an exploding watermelon doesn’t sound fun, I don’t know what does? And trust me, it’s SOOO incredibly easy too. Here’s how to make a watermelon explode in your backyard using just a few hundred rubber bands…

Yep. That’s really all you need. A full watermelon and hundreds of rubber bands.

How to explode a watermelon using rubber bands

Step one: Gather your materials. I bought all the stuff we needed at Woolies. We also had safety googles for the kids as well as a plastic container to hold the watermelon in as it can be a bit tricky to keep the watermelon in place when trying to put the bands on.

exploding watermelon science fair
All you need to explode a watermelon is a watermelon and rubber bands (lots of them!). Source: Supplied

Step two: Add rubber bands to your watermelon.

How many rubber bands? This is all part of the fun – you really don’t know. I’ve been told it could take anywhere from 300-1000 rubber bands to explode the watermelon.

science project - exploding watermelon with rubber bands
Watch the watermelon start to crack under pressure. Source: Supplied

You simply keep adding them until it pops. For us, the magic number was 606. But this will depend on how big the watermelon is among other factors.

Of course, the best part of this science project is that you actually don’t know when it will pop. Check out our video below where we managed to get in on film… just ignore my little girl screams! It surprised the sh*t outta me!

Check out the pics below of the explosion in action – pretty crazy, right?!!

My kids LOVED doing the exploding watermelon science project and are keen to explode more fruit in the backyard. Rockmelon. Honeydew. Even a pumpkin.

It makes a fun lockdown activity or party trick too – my daughter wants to do it again as part of her birthday sleepover. Pass the Parcel and Exploding Watermelon. Sounds like my kind of party.

If you’re after an easy kids’ science project, we recommend giving this a go. Just be sure you have your camera AND safety goggles handy!

Watermelon anyone? Yum! Source: Supplied

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