Face swap fails. My new favourite thing. Seriously, how can one app cause so much laughter?

But these parents definitely regret doing face swap with their kids. We don’t regret it though because they are awesome! So thank you to these parents for making us giggle.

1. Dude looks like a lady

Facial hair on pointe.

face swap fails
Source: Facebook

2. Whatcha lookin’ at? 

Oh, the horror.

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3. Open wide

Baby Nana is way too cute!

face swap funny
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4. When you face swap with the appliance

How does this even happen?

face swap
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5. Water play

Too much funny.

funny face swaps
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6. Meow

Love how the app managed to give the toddler cat fangs too. And the cat’s human face! I’m dying.

Source: Facebook

7. Excuse me, there’s a baby on your nose 

Nose Baby is equally as creepy. Kinda looks like Lord Voldemort.

Source: Facebook

8. Family memories 

We’re not sure which is worse. The evil baby dad or the innocent dad baby.

Source: Facebook

9. Football Sundays

Just chillin’ out on the couch with the world’s biggest baby.

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10.  Merry Christmas

You know what makes this photo even more amazing? The fact the angry dad baby is giving the camera the finger!

Source: Facebook

11. Role reversal

This would have been a cute photo before the face swap completely stuffed it up.

face swaps
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12. Sleepy swap

I wonder if the baby-faced dad knows he’s holding hands with a grown-ass man?

Source: Facebook

13. Duck face duo

Well, at least you can see the resemblance.

Source: Facebook

14.  Shock swap

The expression on the poor dad baby’s face. Pure terror. We know, kid, we get it.

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