17 Reasons We’ve Fallen in Love with Bridgerton. Do You Agree?


It’s time to pop the champagne and celebrate Season 3 of Bridgerton, what has become a healthy distraction in my busy life. I’m not sure if it’s the romance of the era, discovering a life we will never experience or the twists and turns, debauchery and incredible cast, but it’s really captured my heart, and that of millions around the world.

If you’re new to the hugely popular series, or a seasoned veteran, join me as we celebrate 17 reasons we’ve fallen in love with the Bridgertons, Featheringtons and ‘the ‘Ton’ in general.

17 reasons we’ve fallen in love with Bridgerton

This Netflix sensation has captured hearts all around the world, and Australia is no exception. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t yet been swept up in the romance and scandal of Bridgerton, here are 17 reasons why it’s the perfect time to fall in love with this tantalising series.

1. Stunning Costumes

Let’s kick things off with the most visually striking aspect of Bridgerton—the costumes! Every scene is a fashion show, with gowns that could make even the most ardent minimalist swoon. The dresses are lush, with intricate details, bold colors, and a touch of modern flair that makes us all wish we could trade our activewear for corsets and ball gowns. The attention to detail in the costumes is nothing short of spectacular, and it’s a feast for the eyes that transports us straight into the heart of Regency-era glamour.

Bridgerton stunning costumes
Source: Netflix

2. Diverse Cast

Bridgerton breaks the mould of traditional period dramas with its inclusive casting. It’s refreshing to see a show that reflects the true diversity of our society, even in a historical setting. With actors of colour in leading roles, Bridgerton reimagines history in a way that feels both authentic and progressive. This diversity adds richness to the storytelling and makes the world of Bridgerton feel more vibrant and real.

Bridgerton diverse cast
Source: Netflix

3. Scandalous Plotlines

Who doesn’t love a good scandal? Bridgerton is packed with juicy plot twists and turns that keep us on the edge of our seats. From secret affairs to forbidden romances, every episode is a delicious mix of drama and intrigue. It’s like a soap opera set in the Regency era, but with way better dialogue and much hotter characters. Each scandalous revelation leaves us craving more, and we can’t get enough of the drama.

Anthony Bridgerton
Anthony Bridgerton, no stranger to scandalous experiences. Source: Netflix

4. Romantic Escapism

Let’s face it, modern dating can be a drag. Bridgerton offers the perfect escape into a world where romance is grand, passionate, and utterly intoxicating. The love stories in Bridgerton are swoon-worthy, with chemistry that leaps off the screen. Whether it’s the fiery, forbidden passion between Daphne and Simon or the sweet, slow-burn romance of other couples, Bridgerton makes us believe in fairy-tale love. It’s the perfect antidote to the mundane realities of modern romance.

Daphne Bridgerton
Source: Netflix

5. Strong Female Characters

The women of Bridgerton are fierce, fabulous, and full of fire. They aren’t content to sit around waiting for a knight in shining armor—they take charge, make bold choices, and pursue their desires with gusto. From the determined Daphne, entrepreneurial Penelope or the rebellious Eloise, the female characters in Bridgerton are the epitome of girl power. They challenge societal norms and carve out their own paths, inspiring us to do the same.

Eloise and Penelope from Bridgerton
Source: Netflix

6. Family Dynamics

At the heart of Bridgerton is the family, and what a family it is! The Bridgertons are a delightful mix of loyalty, love, and sibling squabbles. Their bond is unbreakable, even when they’re driving each other up the wall. Watching their interactions is heartwarming and hilariously relatable—who hasn’t had a playful spat with their brother or sister? The Bridgerton family dynamics add a layer of warmth and humor to the series that makes it all the more engaging.

The Bridgerton Family
The Bridgertons, such a beautiful family dynamic. Source: Netflix

7. Lady Whistledown’s Narration

Imagine Gossip Girl but set in the Regency era, and you’ve got Lady Whistledown. Voiced by the legendary Julie Andrews, Lady Whistledown dishes out the juiciest gossip with a sharp tongue and a sly wink. Her narration is the scandalous thread that ties the whole series together, adding an extra layer of mystery and fun. We live for her witty commentary and can’t wait to see what secrets she’ll unveil next.’

Lady Whistedown Bridgerton
Source: Netflix

8. Regency-era Setting

Bridgerton whisks us away to a world of elegance and opulence. The grand estates, lush gardens, and glittering ballrooms are pure eye candy. It’s a chance to indulge in the fantasy of high society, complete with carriages, courtships, and candlelit soirées. Who wouldn’t want to escape to this dreamy setting, if only for an hour or two? The lavish backdrops make every scene a visual delight and add to the show’s enchanting appeal.

Queen Charlottte from Bridgerton Regency Era
Extravagance in all its glory! Source: Netflix

9. Modern Soundtrack

Bridgerton’s soundtrack is a stroke of genius. Picture your favorite pop songs reimagined as classical pieces. From Ariana Grande to Billie Eilish, these orchestral covers add a contemporary twist to the Regency setting. It’s a delightful blend of old and new that’s as clever as it is catchy, making you smile every time a familiar tune plays. The modern soundtrack breathes fresh life into the historical setting and makes the series feel both timeless and current.

Bridgerton Season 3 Soundtrack
Source: YouTube

10. Witty Dialogue

The dialogue in Bridgerton is as sharp as a knife. The characters’ exchanges are filled with clever quips, biting humor, and just the right amount of sass. The banter is quick, clever, and often laugh-out-loud funny, making every conversation a highlight. You’ll find yourself quoting lines and wishing you could trade barbs with the best of them. The witty dialogue keeps us entertained and adds an extra layer of charm to the series.

Bridgerton witty strong women
Source: Netflix

11. Forbidden Love

Who doesn’t love a bit of forbidden love? Bridgerton is full of tantalizing romances that defy societal norms and expectations. The tension, the stolen glances, the whispered confessions—it’s all deliciously dramatic. The forbidden love stories add an extra layer of excitement that keeps you glued to the screen, heart pounding in anticipation. The allure of forbidden love is a universal theme that never fails to captivate, and Bridgerton executes it flawlessly.

Bridgerton forbidden love
Source: Netflix

12. Character Development

Bridgerton’s characters aren’t just pretty faces; they’re deeply developed and wonderfully complex. Watching them grow, change, and overcome their personal struggles is a journey in itself. Their development adds richness to the story and makes their triumphs and heartaches feel all the more real and satisfying. The characters’ growth keeps us invested in their stories and makes the series all the more compelling.

Penelope in her new green dress in Bridgerton
Penelope’s character flourishes in season 3. Source: Netflix

13. Visual Aesthetics

Every frame of Bridgerton is a feast for the eyes. The vibrant color palettes, stunning set designs, and meticulous attention to detail create an immersive, enchanting world. It’s a visual masterpiece that makes every episode feel like a cinematic experience. You’ll want to pause just to admire the beauty of each scene. The visual aesthetics elevate the storytelling and make Bridgerton a true work of art.

Bridgerton regency era
Source: Netflix

14. Empowerment Themes

Bridgerton isn’t just about pretty dresses and romantic dalliances; it’s also about empowerment. The show tackles issues of gender, class, and race with a modern sensibility. The characters challenge the status quo, fight for their rights, and carve out their own paths in a restrictive society. It’s inspiring and empowering to watch, and it resonates with viewers who are passionate about equality and justice.

Eloise Bridgerton
Source: Netflix

15. Humour

Amidst all the drama, Bridgerton knows how to keep things light. The humour is perfectly timed, providing a refreshing balance to the intense moments. The witty remarks, humorous situations, and playful banter keep us laughing and make the series all the more enjoyable. You’ll find yourself giggling at the clever quips and loving every minute of it. The humour adds a delightful layer of fun to the series and keeps us coming back for more.

Bridgerton humour with Penelope and Colin
Source: Netflix

16. Chemistry Between Leads

The chemistry between the lead characters is electric. Kate and Anthony’s relationship is filled with passion, tension, and undeniable chemistry. Their love story is the beating heart of the series, drawing us in and making us believe in the power of true love. The sparks fly whenever they’re on screen, making their scenes some of the most captivating. The palpable chemistry between the leads keeps us invested in their journey and rooting for their happily ever after.

Kate and Anthony Bridgerton
Source: Netflix

17. Mystery and Intrigue

Bridgerton is packed with mysteries and secrets waiting to be uncovered. From the enigmatic Lady Whistledown to hidden pasts and covert affairs, the show keeps us guessing at every turn. The layers of intrigue add depth and excitement, making it impossible to look away. You’ll be dying to find out what happens next, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. The mystery and intrigue keep us hooked and make Bridgerton a truly addictive watch.

Queen Charlottte from Bridgerton
Source: Netflix

Why We Live Through These Characters

Bridgerton offers us a chance to escape into a world that’s both familiar and fantastical. The characters are relatable, yet their lives are filled with a level of drama and romance that most of us can only dream of. Watching Bridgerton allows us to live vicariously through the characters’ grand adventures and passionate love stories. We see parts of ourselves in them—their struggles, their triumphs, their desires. It’s a reflection of our own lives, magnified and set against the dazzling backdrop of Regency-era England.

The series also taps into our universal longing for connection, love, and a bit of excitement. In a world where our daily lives can often feel routine and predictable, Bridgerton offers a refreshing dose of fantasy. It’s a reminder that romance and adventure are always possible, even if they look a little different in real life.

So, as we eagerly await the release of Bridgerton Season 4 in 2026, and rewatch Seasons 1-3 and Queen Charlotte for old time’s sake, let’s raise a glass to the scandal, the romance, and the sheer escapism that this delightful series provides. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the world of Bridgerton, there’s never been a better time to dive in and let yourself be swept away by the magic.

Happy watching, Bel x

The Bridgerton cast
Source: Netflix

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