Turns Out, ALL Mums Hide in the Pantry and Binge on Junk Food and Sweets

Parenting is all about practising what you preach. Except when it comes to healthy eating.

Then it’s all about finding a good hiding spot for your stash of sugar-fuelled sweets that you deny the kids (and secretly eat when they’re not around).

A recent social study reveals that it’s not just me who stuffs her face with chocolate when the kids are in the other room. Nope. It’s all the mums!

The study included twelve focus groups of mums in Sydney, NSW Central Coast and Melbourne. And it discovered that, while we mums try to stick to the healthy food categories for our kids, we also tend to rebel behind closed (pantry) doors.

What happens in the pantry stays in the pantry

And it’s no bloody wonder! Day in and day out we are reminded about how important it is to feed our kids the right foods, how our kids are at risk of obesity and how we need to deliver the food goods or face the wrath of society.

mums secretly eat treats

It’s a lot of pressure, dammit. And sometimes we need to break away from the pressure by hiding from the kids and devouring an entire box of Ferrero Rochers.

“Mums feel they have always got to be goodie two shoes, always modelling correct behaviour to their children. This stash of chocolates, biscuits and lollies is their small act of rebellion,” says Neer Korn who conducted the research.

Parenting from the pantry 

Need more proof that hiding from your kids eating treats is part of parenting? This video pretty much sums it up.

If you’re feeling a bit of guilt from your hidden lolly habit, don’t. We all do it. There’s even an official Mum Central list of 10 snacks that are too good to share with the kids (hello Tim-Tams).

But if you’re looking for a chocolate fix that is actually good for you, check out this miracle Botox chocolate bar (you’re welcome). 

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