10 Family Road Trip Hacks To Make Your Adventure Awesome


Prepping for a big drive? Want more family fun and less “Are we there yet”, “I’m hungry”, “The sun is in my eyes,” “I feel sick” and “Do you want me to turn this car around and go home?”? It’s possible with these uber-clever road trip hacks.

We’ve searched far and wide for the very best road trip hacks to keep the kiddies entertained all the way to your destination and to eliminate the need to pull over 15 times. Get excited – your family fun expedition is about to get a whole helluva lot better.

1. Cookie trays for desks

Behold the perfect driving desk! Add magnets to the back of puzzles, checkers and coloured popsicle sticks for a portable play station. This road trip hack will have them occupied for an hour.

Travel road trip hacks
Image via Housewife Eclectic

2. Cupcake liners for clean cup holders

Because let’s face it. Someone is going to spill a beverage at some stage. Probably juice. Or coffee. So yes, one of our road trip hacks fixes that drama. Just remove the cupcake holder and replace.

Travel road trip hacks cupcake holders
Image via The Maven

3. Pegs for behaviour clips

Bribe your kids to behave with these adorable hand-crafted kid clips. When someone is being a shit, the clip goes down and that child misses out on a treat the next stop. Or, you could work on positive enforcement, putting a clip up for every good behaviour (and offering a treat if the clip is up). Either way, this is bribery at its best!

travel road trip hacks kids clips
Image via Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

4. Road trip countdown cards

Break the journey up with these clever road trip cards. Simply take them down with every milestone you hit.

Travel road trip hacks for kids
Image via Suitcases and Sippy Cups

5. Lunch box into LEGO on the go

As long as your kids don’t get car sick, LEGO makes for a great activity for the road. Store all the LEGO and create on the go with this cute little LEGO lunch box. This road trip hack can also be swapped for any one of those tiny toys like Shopkins.

road trip hacks lego lunch box
Image via mumapapabubba

6. Shower caddies or tackle boxes for snacks

Whether you’re driving for one hour or one day, the kids are going to get hungry. And demand snacks. Prepare for the inevitable with these cute snack holders. We especially love the tackle snack box. AKA. The Snackle Box.

Travel hack road trip snacks
Image via FPC-Kingswood Mops
Travel hacks tackle box snacks
Image via Pinterest

7. Travel games galore!

It’s just not a road trip without an array of fun travel games to play! Check out these printables for travel Hangman, BINGO, Tic Tac Toe and I Spy.

10 road trip hacks free printable travel games
Image via Housewife Eclectic

8. DVD colouring in compartment

Remember those things we used to watch before Netflix? If you happen to have a spare DVD case laying around, use it to store colouring pencils and a pad of paper.

DVD container pencil colouring case road trip hacks

DVD colouring case travel road trip hack
Images via Pinterest

9. Binder for portable activities

Take it one step further with this travel binder of fun. This cute idea is great for on the go, and also for an activity in a hotel or resort when you don’t have their go-to playroom of toys to depend on.

Travel activity binder road trip hack
Image via Mumapapabubba

10. Shoe storage racks for organisation stations

Organise the hell of out your car with shoe storage racks or packing cells. You won’t have to dig through a single suitcase to find what you need. Nappies, wipes, games, clothing, towels – it’s all within reach!

Travel road trip hacks car organisation
Image via Happy Nings

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