Sex in Pregnancy: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

Got some sex in pregnancy questions you’re wondering about…?  No problem. You’re definitely not alone. In fact, sex in pregnancy is one of the most clicked-on topics on the whole Mum Central website.

It seems ‘doing it’ with a baby on board is a much wondered about but much less spoken about topic. 

That’s why we’ve pulled together this guide for you. It covers all the topics from the practical to the emotional and should answer all those burning questions. So, as Salt N Peppa infamously sung, ‘Let’s talk about sex, babeee‘.

Read on.

Can I Still Have Sex While I’m Pregnant?

In short, if you want to and you’ve no medical reasons not to, yes! This straight to the point article, which references Melbourne obstetrician, Dr Joseph Sgroi answers all the curly questions you’ve been wondering about like:

  • Can sex when pregnant cause miscarriage?
  • Will your partner poke the baby?
  • Why don’t I feel like having sex now I am pregnant?

Want to read the answers to all these questions (and more)? See the full article ‘Sex During Pregnancy’ here. 

What I Want My Husband To Know About Sex Now We’re Pregnant

Sex in pregnancy can be confusing. One minute you want it. One minute you can’t think of anything worse. Your hormones are crazy and your libido even crazier. This hilarious piece sums up all the sex in pregnancy #feels. You’ll love it because it’s highly relatable. But it will remind you that everything you’re experiencing is perfectly normal. It’s a great read to share with your baby daddy to put some words around what you might be struggling to express yourself.

In short, it’s funny because it’s true. Read What I Want My Husband To Know About Sex Now We’re Pregnant here. 


We Answer Your Most Embarrassing Questions about Sex in Pregnancy

Had a tricky question you couldn’t ask your Mum or bestie? Well, Mum Central is here and nothing makes us blush! This article is a summary of all the wildest and most intimate questions we’ve ever been asked about sex in pregnancy. Stop wondering and start reading. You’ll find out:

  • Can the baby feel you having sex when you’re pregnant?
  • Can I have oral sex when pregnant?
  • Can I have anal sex when pregnant?
  • Can I use my vibrator when I am pregnant?

Yep, we have the answers to all these eye-openers and many more. Summon your inner sex kitten and click on over to Doing It Pregnant: Your Most Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered.

can i still have sex when pregnant sex during pregnancy

Body Mods and Pregnancy 

Okay, it’s not sex but it’s a taboo topic lots of our mums want to know about. Whether you’re a wrinkle-free diva who loves her Botox or you’ve got a piercing down, down below, here’s the article you need to get the facts on body modifications and pregnancy. Topics we cover include:

  • Breast implants and pregnancy
  • Nipple piercings and breastfeeding
  • Clitoral piercings including conception, birth and beyond
  • Tattoos during pregnancy
  • Injectables before, during and after pregnancy

For all this information and more click on through to I’m Pregnant: But What About My Implants, Botox, Tats, Piercings & More and find out what to expect!

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Have we missed something?

If you’ve got a question about sex in pregnancy that Mum Central hasn’t covered we’d love to hear it and help you out with the answer! Trust us, if you want to know, so do a million other pregnant mummas. You can always contact us quickly via the Mum Central facebook page and we will never reveal your personal details.

Sex in pregnancy is entirely up to you!

However, you’re feeling while you’re pregnant is up to you. If you’re feeling randy and keen for some lovin’ – good for you. Dare we say, get on it! If you’re not, and can’t think of anything worse, that’s perfectly okay too. Pregnancy is a weird and wonderful adventure and how you feel today might be totally different tomorrow. Whatever you decide, today or tomorrow, sex in pregnancy is your entirely choice.



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