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Geomag Magicube Review: A Brilliant Find for Little Minds


What are the most engaging toys for toddlers and preschoolers? Building blocks? Puzzles? Animals? Cars? Princesses? Things that crash to the ground when you push them over?

Well, kids, get excited because we’ve found a toy that ticks ALL of these boxes and then some.

Designed for toddlers and preschoolers, Geomag Magicube is a kit featuring magnetic, colourful connecting cubes that take the world of constructive play to a new whole level. These kits have won awards all over the world, their design is second to none and they are made in Switzerland so you can be assured of quality.

Geomag Magicube Review
Magicube combines magnets and blocks for hours of fun. Photo: Amelia Lees

But what do kids think of them? Are they as fun as they look or will they sit on the toy shelves collecting dust? We went to the source – a group of toddler and preschooler toy testers – to find out. Our Geomag Magicube review holds all the answers.

Toddler playing with Geomag Magicube
Little hands, big fun! Photo: Amelia Lees

Real mums review Geomag Magicube 

Recently we asked nine families to review the award-winning Geomag Magicube. Each family received four different kits – Insects, Animals, Fruits and Transport. These are only four of the many kits you can choose from. Magicube also comes with robots, princesses, castles and many more. They also have free building kits which are great for kids who love construction. All of the Geomag Magicube kits can be used together or separately.

Each kit comes with four magnetic cubes and six building cards.  The blocks attach together thanks to the pulling force of magnets. So they are super easy for kids to assemble.

Creative, constructive play. Photo: Amelia Lees

Kids can make dozens of different combinations and shapes with the blocks. Some of our reviewers preferred to stick to the pictures while others wanted to build high towers (and then proceed to knock them over).

Our toy-testing kids had an absolute blast discovering the many ways to play with Magicube and the mums gave Magicube a 9.1/10 overall.

mum central
Happy smiles all around. Photo: Belinda Robbins

What our reviewers had to say

So many ways to build and construct

Since receiving the Magicubes last week, my kids have played with them daily! This is definitely a great core toy to have as there are so many different ways they can be played with.” – Michelle O.

mum central
Photo: Michelle Ooi

Entertaining and educational

The Magicubes are without a doubt an engaging learning activity for young children. My son was super proud each time he completed a new picture and challenged himself to do more and more of them.” – Natasha R.

Great quality and design

They are great quality, not heavy, designed well, easy to use and kept my little one entertained.” – Donna D.

mum central
Photo: Donna Delgado

Suitable for all ages and abilities

Both my children loved the cubes. My youngest, aged one, enjoyed holding the blocks, shaking them and joining them together, then pulling them apart.

My older daughter who is nearly four, loved trying to put the pictures together, making and breaking towers and even ‘flying’ the dragonfly and rocket ship around the place.” – Melissa P.

Great for independent and cooperative (sibling) play

All my girls (aged four, three and one) were able to play with Magicube, both assisted and independently. They offered a great opportunity for teaching teamwork and sharing.” – Amelia L.

mum central
Even Amelia’s littlest daughter loved Magicube: Photo: Amelia Lees

Easy to pack up

I loved how the products clicked together magnetically which made them super easy to pack up! I also liked that each set had various options and could be put together in different ways, like a 3D puzzle.” – Laura S.

Geomag Magicube Review - child playing with blocks
Photo: Laura Stevens

Portable and easy to clean too

We really loved the ability to take the blocks out with us. We took them to cafes, friends’ houses, used them in the car, and even took them away camping with us.

The way they are made meant they were really easy to keep clean without wrecking them and because they just stick together it is easy to take them out without losing pieces.” – Melissa P.

Magicube review
Photo: Melissa Pobjoy

mum central

Magicube Construction Cubes

9.1 Magicube Construction Cubes


  • Made in Switzerland
  • Magnetic
  • Constructive Play
  • Bright and Colourful
  • Many Ways to Play
Style and Design

mum central

‘I love Magicube. They have a permanent place on the toy shelf.’ – Amelia L.

Magicube is incredibly versatile, allowing kids to use their imagination and engage in several different styles of play.  The kits give children the joy of building blocks with puzzles and build their skill in constructive, creative, independent and cooperative play. They assist with problem-solving, develop fine motor skills, help with pattern, colour and shape recognition and expand your child’s imagination and confidence.

It’s wonderful to watch our little ones engaging with a toy this way, beaming when they connect the blocks to match the picture, giggling when they build a big tower and squealing with excitement when it’s time to knock it all down.

mum central
Photo: Michelle Ooi

This is definitely a toy to add to the playroom! They make a great Christmas or birthday present too. You can pick each set up online through Amazon Australia for $25 (RRP). Magicube also have free-building kits for older kits that are worth checking out.

magicube amazon

mum central


We are always on the hunt for innovative products that entertain, engage and educate our kids and Magicube certainly delivers the goods!

After hearing from our reviewers and their kiddies, we are happy to award Magicube with the Mum Central Mum’s Choice award. 


This is a sponsored review for Geomag. All opinions are those of the reviewers.
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