Family Snow Holidays on a Budget – We Bust the Myths and Show You How

Worried the snow isn’t the best choice of family holiday? Here’s why it actually is and why it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

We know it’s easy to be the family’s snow-Grinch when the kids are begging but you’ve got a stack of reservations.

From cost to facilities, accessibility to activities – if you haven’t been before, it’s easy to make assumptions on what it will be like. Well, time to change your tune and let go of your preconceived ideas – here’s all your family snow holiday myths debunked!

snow holiday myths howmans gap

MYTH: The snow is expensive

BUSTED: Actually, it’s not. You can stay from $45pp, per night!
One of the biggest reasons families avoid a snow holiday is the misconception that it’s a total budget-breaker! This myth actually couldn’t be more wrong. With the right tips and tricks, a family snow break can be super affordable.

Accommodation at places like the YMCA’s Howman’s Gap property is self-contained, ten minutes from the snowfields and starts at as low as $45 per person per night. Howman’s Gap also offers self-contained choices so you can save money on food and beverages by preparing them yourself.

MYTH:  Snow activities are expensive aren’t they?

BUSTED: Sorry! Wrong again!
Yes, there is cost associated with lift passes (if you choose to use them) but there’s also stacks of good, clean, family fun that doesn’t have a price tag attached to it. If your children are smaller then a weekend of snow play is ideal and older children can explore tobogganing or learn cross country skiing if you want to keep the holiday costs in check.

snow holiday myths howmans gap

MYTH:  We’ll be bored. Is there a lot of stuff for all my kids to do?

BUSTED: Ummmm, YES! So much!
There’s so much to do with kids at the snow, you’ll literally be worn out by so many options! That’s one of the best things about a snow holiday(no matter how old your kids). There’s plenty of choices to suit families of all sizes!

Big kids will want to try skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiing. Mid-sized kids would probably appreciate having lessons and some free snow play. Little ones will love experiencing the wonder of a snow-covered land for the first time and the joy of general snow play. No matter the ages of your tribe, they will all be spoilt for choice.

MYTH: Being at the snow is just being cold and wet…

BUSTED: Oh please. With the right gear, you’ll love it!
There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to be cold and wet at the snow. With the right gear and facilities, you’ll have a ball in the snow and be able to get your gear dry easily for the next day. At Falls Creek Cross Country you can hire all the gear you’ll need from head to toe plus there’s a heating and drying room which is free for guests to use. If you want to buy your own gear discount retailers like Aldi do great snow gear which won’t break your budget. Being cold and wet is a major snow myth, if you’re cold and wet you’re doing it wrong!

Funny kid boy in colorful clothes making a snowman, outdoors

MYTH: It’s really crowded and busy at the snow…

BUSTED: Well, sure but it depends where you go!
Sure, there are some snow locations that will be hectic but a little bit of research will quickly reveal what’s the ideal, more laid back choice for families. Falls Creek for example is a quieter and more family friendly location. There’s also accommodation options that are out of the main hustle and bustle and will allow you to enjoy your family time away from the party crowd and diehards.

MYTH: The snow is only fun if you’ve been before and know how to do it all.

BUSTED: What? Everyone has to have a first time at something, right?
Don’t be fooled into thinking the snow isn’t fun if you’re a newbie, in fact your first time is probably your best and most memorable. Sure you’ll be learning and it might not be that easy but whether it’s your first or thirty-first trip, you’re going to love it! You can definitely enjoy the snow as a beginner.

snow-angel-family-holidayMYTH: The snow is really dangerous.

BUSTED: Actually no, not with the right equipment and knowledge.
Lots of parents worry that a snow holiday is dangerous or you could get injured. Well, plenty of sports have risks and you still participate right? Like lots of other activities having the right gear, knowledge and approach means the snow is not that dangerous at all. Have lessons, hire the correct equipment and make sure you use ‘runs’ that are appropriate to your skill level. You’ll be absolutely fine (and so will the kids!)

MYTH: Only Bear Grylls would want to holiday with kids at the snow.

BUSTED: Nup! The snow is for real, normal families… just like you!
Okay you definitely don’t need survivalist skills to have a family snow holiday. You don’t even need a pen-knife! A family snow holiday at Falls Creek is definitely not roughing it, there’s plenty of accommodation options, activities and facilities that can make this an easy, accessible and affordable choice. You know what? You’ll actually even enjoy it. We promise, you’ll have a ball!

girl in wintertime

You don’t have to be mad to want to try the snow with your crew. You just need an adventurous spirit and the want to share in a magical, exhilarating and truly bonding time together. If you’re ready to try something new and make some memories why not explore the Falls Creek area and see just how amazing a family snow holiday can be… truth!


Howman’s Gap Alpine Centre
is just 4kms below Falls Creek. With accommodation for 1 to 174 people you can bring your family (and your friends!) and together enjoy comfortable, warm and relaxed lodgings in a variety of formats from rooms to self-contained cottages. In a prime location for accessing the action winter activities is what Howman’s Gap is all about! NO matter your choice of snow play, it’s all right on the doorstep or a few moments away. For more information and availability for your own family snow holiday, be sure to visit their website!

Winter snow with skiing tracks

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