10 Ways to Feel Attractive During Pregnancy – Yes, It’s Possible!

The body of each pregnant woman transforms through pregnancy, which is absolutely normal. Weight gain is the most common physical change that occurs during this period. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the person of average weight should gain around 25-35 pounds while carrying a child.

Besides, pregnant females usually face other complications, including nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, frequent urination, mood swings, and bloating.

As a result, the combination of symptoms can significantly decrease self-esteem. To enjoy the blissful beauty of becoming a mother, you should be able to develop a healthy relationship with your new mama-to-be sexual self.

If you want to learn how to feel attractive during pregnancy, consider the recommendations listed below.

1. Connect with Your Body

Female bodies are uniquely designed to endure the pressure and pains of pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, there is no better way to embrace self-love and thank your body than moving it through exercise or dance.

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For example, you can join yoga classes, schedule spa days, or go out dancing with your friends. These activities help improve the perception of yourself in a new curvy figure.

2. Hire a Pregnancy Photographer

It is probably one of the most effective ways to make a pregnant woman feel beautiful. Women expecting the birth of a child typically dedicate their time to doctor appointments, childbirth classes, equipping a children’s room, thereby ignoring the feeling of sensuality and empowerment associated with pregnancy.

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Be sure to hire a qualified photographer to get professional pregnancy shots taken during the late second or early third trimesters.

It can help you look at your body from a different angle and appreciate the beauty of this period. In addition, having your make-up and hair done and being styled onset is a perfect way to realize the pregnant self is a gorgeous version of yourself.

3. Go Shopping

Give yourself a chance to enjoy fashionable maternity clothes, including dresses, jeans, tops, jackets, and skirts. We happen to have 11 great finds that combine comfort and style!

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4. Build a Strong Support Foundation

Keep in mind that you’re not the only pregnant woman wondering how to feel pretty while pregnant. Reach out to pregnant friends or those who recently had babies to share personal experiences and get inspired.

Also, you can join web-based discussion forums such as Pregnancy Mums Australia where females support each other in accepting physical changes. Don’t be shy to ask for help and recommendations because you’re not alone in this.

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5. Keep Your Sex Life Active

If your doctor does not place restrictions on sex during pregnancy, there is no reason to shut down your sex life. In fact, the human brain releases chemicals called dopamine and oxytocin during sex, which improve mood and make you feel good about yourself. sex-while-pregnant

6. Go on a Date

Whether it is your first child or you already have a kid or two at home, you and your partner should not forget about keeping your romance alive. For example, you can book a reservation for a romantic dinner.

Take the opportunity to dedicate some time to improving your bond and talking about other things besides pregnancy.

7. Change Your Thinking About the Body

According to the internationally recognized author and social media sensation Beau Taplin, “Your body is a forest that will grow back, no matter how much you are devastated.”

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In other words, just like your body changes to accommodate your growing baby and prepare to give birth, your thinking should change as well. Appreciate your body for being a temporary home for the future baby. In this way, your complexes regarding weight gain can turn into gratitude.

8. Maintain Deep Communication with a Husband

Males play an essential role during pregnancy, even though some of them don’t realise it. If your partner doesn’t know how to act to make a pregnant wife feel beautiful, be open to talking about it.

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Ask him to be present, to support, to understand, to be patient, as well as make compliments. Most often, men do not understand hints, so you should talk directly to your partner about needs, fears, and wishes.

9. Focus on Your Best Parts

Pregnancy is not only about negative physical changes in your body. This period is also associated with various benefits, including bigger breasts, clear skin, strong nails, and super soft hair.

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Being able to balance beverages on your stomach? Massive positive!

Enjoy these benefits and keep a positive body image instead of constantly worrying about the negative changes.

10. Exercise

The last recommendation to look attractive while pregnant is to exercise. When you work out, your body releases endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.

Thus, simple sports activities, such as daily walks, prenatal classes, even just a basic gym membership, can improve your body image perception. However, don’t forget to consult with your doctor and get a physical examination before starting an exercise routine.

Turn A Breech Baby
Pregnancy is a life-changing event that affects all aspects of life. It brings joy, excitement, and a natural glow to any woman going through it.

At the same time, a woman carrying a baby typically faces body changes, such as weight gain and fluid retention. Due to these complications, many females fail to understand how to be beautiful while pregnant.

Remember that carrying a baby is one of the most intimate experiences you’ll ever have, which is why pregnancy is beautiful.

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