The Fiver Party is the Kids’ Birthday Party Trend We All Deserve

Parents, allow us to introduce you to the greatest birthday idea since the cake smash. It’s called a Fiver Party and it’s about to make your Saturday-morning mad-dash to-Kmart-to-pick-up-a-present-for-So-and-So a thing of the past.

In fact, fiver parties eliminate all the birthday present buying stress (and costs) for us party-attendees and remove all battery-operated toys from the party hostesses’ homes. It’s a win-win for ALL.

All hail the Fiver Party

What is a fiver party you ask? It’s a new birthday party trend where party-goers ditch the gift for a simple five-dollar note. The five dollars can then go towards a bigger present for the birthday boy or gal – one that he or she really wants.

You mean you don’t have to buy an expensive gift for another person’s kid ever again? Or rush to the toy shop a half-hour before the party is meant to begin? Or stress about whether the birthday boy already has the LEGO set you’ve picked? And there’s no need to return to the shops ten minutes later before realising you forget the damned wrapping paper?

Not with a Fiver Party!

Birthday parties made easy for ALL 

Simply pick up a card (or, bonus, get your child to make one), attach a five-dollar note to it and head on your merry way. It’s easy and affordable too. After all, five dollars compared to the average $25 gift (plus wrapping paper) adds up to a whole lot of extra change at the end of the year, especially if your kids are invited to several parties.

If you happen to be hosting the party, you’re also in for a treat. You don’t have a house load of toys to wade through and find batteries for. You also don’t have a rubbish bag full of wrapping paper and plastic covering to throw out. There is less clutter, less mess and less chance of your child receiving a craft set that includes slime or glitter in it. *shudder*

Especially good for kids

Ok, the person that fiver parties benefit the most is the child. I’ll be the first to admit that my kids turn into greedy, spoiled little shits during birthday parties. They get so many gifts that they can’t even keep track of them or appreciate them. They look at one, toss it to the side to open another. Not cool, kids. Not cool at all.

But the thing about a fiver party is that they learn to value and appreciate what they get. Receiving 10 $5 notes rather than 10 toys teaches them gratitude and excitement for this big-ticket item. You may want to purchase the gift beforehand or, if your child is older, let them use the money to buy something they really want.

Either way, it gives our kids the opportunity to receive something extra special from their mates that won’t be played with for two minutes then thrown into the toy box.

So, ladies and gents, can we all collectively agree to jump onto the Fiver Party bandwagon together? If not for our own sanity, then for our kids? We are 100% on board with this.

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