All the Kids Party Food Ideas for Your Paw Patrol and Baby Shark Parties!

We love to party here at Mum Central and we know you do too! We’ll have your lunch table sorted in next to no time with these terrific party food ideas.

If you’ve got a little kid who just loves Paw Patrol and Baby Shark, then you’re in for a treat. We’re pairing these popular party themes with some awesome kids party food ideas.  #yourewelcome

Certainly, Paw Patrol and Baby-Shark-themed parties are just perfect for the five-year-old and under crowd! And with these delicious delights, you’re going to be the best mum on the block.

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Parents of kids who are passionate about all things Paw Patrol, you’re going to want to track down a few bone-shaped cookie cutters. Indeed, here are some pup themed kids party food ideas to get you started!

kids party food

Unquestionably, when it comes to kids’ party food, sandwiches are a great filler. However, you might need to find a way to make them a little more fun. Mmn, how to make a plate of sandwiches fun you wonder? Sand-wish bones are the answer!

oreo Paw Patrol treats

Next up, we’re moving onto the sweet stuff and giving humble cupcakes an adorable Paw Patrol makeover by adding a paw print. Firstly, reach for the Oreo biscuits. Secondly, grab the chocolate buttons and voila, create a paw for pupcakes! Too easy!

Paw-patrol-themed kids party food

Without a doubt, jelly is ALWAYS a winner! Zuma’s water tank jelly cups are sure to be lapped up in record time. After that, check out the Paw Patrol meat and cheese grazing platter goals above!

Paw patrol party food

Ditch the salad bowls! Chowing down on chips, pretzels and popcorn has never been so much fun. A jar of fetch sticks and brand spanking new dog bowls filled with tasty morsels is an awesome idea! Ignore any raised adult eyebrows, besides, the kids will love it!

Birthday cake Paw patrol theme

Most importantly, let’s not forget the main event, the cake. You could potentially save time cake hacking your way to this construction-style Paw Patrol cake using your kid’s favourite biscuits or chocolates as rubble. Deeeelicious!

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It’s the catchy (but annoying) song we just can’t seem to shake, but kids just can’t get enough of Baby Shark! No surprises that it’s turned into a stellar party theme idea. Get ready to channel all things under the sea for your Baby Shark shindig!

Baby Shark kids party food

Make these cool shark snack cups using instant vanilla pudding packs* and a few drops of blue food colouring. Sweet!

*We don’t have Cool Whip readily available here in Australia, which this recipe calls for, however you can still recreate them easily.

Shark fin cup cakes, baby shark birthday theme

Can an Oreo biscuit moonlight as a shark fin? You bet it can! Cut Oreo’s in half and anchor them in blue buttercream for a spectacular shark fin cupcake.

party food for kids

What’s a party without a bowl of juicy watermelon? A shaped watermelon bowl will entice kids to dig in – stick your hand in the shark’s mouth, we dare you!

under the sea kids party food

Are these not the cutest (and most delicious) clam cookies you’ve ever seen? They’re certainly a quick party treat; you won’t believe how easily they come together – NO EPIC KITCHEN SKILLS REQUIRED!

party food ideas. Baby Shark birthday cake

Now for the cake. You can make designing a baby shark cake super easy by simply printing out some baby sharks! For instance, print and tape them to a skewer or straw and poke them into your cake. Easy peasy. However, if you’re a fondant working wizard, this baby shark cake is some serious #sharkinspo.

If you have another party theme in mind, stay tuned we have plenty more to come! Meanwhile, you can find a pinata full of party food ideas in our Lego party, Fortnite party posts!

Let the celebrations begin!

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