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The Cheap as Chips Floating Balloons Hack We All Need!

There are hanging balloons for a party and there’s HANGING BALLOONS FOR A PARTY. With just basic supplies, this clever mum nailed the balloon brief for her daughters’ birthday party. She shares how you can too!

Love the look of helium balloons but the expense literally takes the breath from your lungs? Here’s one way to get the same (if not more) stunning effect but on a shoestring budget.

Mum of three Jessica, posted to Facebook group Kmart Inspired Homes her impressive floating balloon party decorations, reminiscent of Disney movie Up and we couldn’t love it any more if we tried.

Unbelievably, the only requirements are fishing line, balloons and sticky tape. THAT’S IT. Want to know how to do it yourself? Read on!

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The floating balloon hack is simple!

The day before the party, Jessica and her husband tied lengths of fishing line from the roof to top timber railing slats of their fence. Genius. Why didn’t I ever think of that?

The day before the party my husband and I tied around ten runs of fishing line from the roof gutter to our slat fence. Our roof gutter has overflow slots in it so we ran the line through the slots to and tied them on – gutter clips that are used for Christmas lights would work too.”

floating balloons hack
Look for these slits in your guttering or use gutter clips to attach fishing line. Source: Jessica Brouwer

Only $10 too! 

It looks like something a high-end party planner would install, but with the details Jess gave us, it’s a project that can be easily done for around $10!

We used four packets of pastel balloons from Kmart they were $2 for a pack of 25, then blew all the balloons up and I attached the ends of the balloon to the fishing line using tape, wrapping it around the end of the balloon and then wrapping it onto the line to keep them from moving around.”

floating balloons hack
Magic! Floating balloons at a fraction of the cost of helium! Source: Jessica Brouwer

Do you need the whole day to do it? Nope, not quite. Jess wrote in her Facebook post that while it did take her longer than expected (a multi-tasking mama with a one and three-year-old in tow) it was done in a few hours.

I popped a couple of balloons while I was hanging them but the rest of them lasted the entire afternoon until we took them down that evening. My 6-year-old loved the setup and really enjoyed her party.”

floating balloons hack
Success! Source: Jessica Brouwer

It’s SO cool – I’m off to see if my gutters have little slits in them or if I’m going to have to do a dash for gutter clips. Thanks for sharing Jess!

Don’t forget we showed you how to make a balloon garland too, why not have a crack at both?

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