Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Balloon Garland


If you’re keen for some more DIY party tricks, how about how to make a balloon garland? How hard can it be, they’re just balloons, right? SPOILER ALERT: Maybe not hard per se, but there is a knack. Read on to find out how to make your very own garland for your next partaaaay!

This video from Cynthia of Divine Creations TX TikTok and Instagram fame shows how to create one of those epic, fancy pants balloon garlands, perfect for any birthday party, baby shower, christening or if you just want to make your family Sunday roast that little bit extra.

I’ve written the instructions below but for the love of latex, PLEASE watch the video because firstly, you’ll understand the instructions a lot better when someone demonstrates it. So I reiterate, please watch the video (then scroll down for written instructions). Excellent.

Here’s a quick few things to note:

  • There is some balloon / American lingo which I had to Google translate. A ‘260’ is one of these bad-boy balloons readily available at Spotlight. A ‘260’ is a long, skinny, stretchy balloon most commonly used to create balloon animals and the like.
  • Contrary to popular opinion you DON’T need fishing line.
  • You DON’T need a balloon sizing tool.

Watch the video below to see the balloon garland magic UNFOLD!

How To Make A Balloon Garland

How To Make A Balloon Garlandspecial thanks to:IG: @cynthia.salaiz & @divinecreationstxTikTok: @divinecreationstx

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Things you’ll need

  • A double electric balloon/air pump
  • Balloons (enough to double stuff, see below)
  • ‘260’ balloons to hold the balloons together to form a garland
  • Greenery to fill spaces (optional)
  • Command hooks to hold the garland up against a wall or surface


How to make a balloon garland
Double stuff balloons. GOT IT. Source: TikTok

1. Firstly, double stuff your balloons for a quality balloon finish. Simply push one inside another before blowing them up. The colours and shapes will look MUCH better!

2. Pump up two balloons at a time (if your machine allows). Lightly press the balloons against your chest and let out a little air to create a nice, round shape. Admire your work for a second.

3. Create two sizes of balloons by letting a bit more air out of one than the other. Tie the ends of each balloon TOGETHER to create a joined pair. Make another balloon pair and tie them off the same.

how to make a balloon garland
Blow, release, tie. Source: TikTok

4. Take your pairs of balloons, cross and twist them around each other so that they stay together. Twist another pair of balloons around it so you have a cluster of SIX balloons. Pray to the balloon Gods for no popping. (Repeat for all balloons!)

5. Knot a 260 balloon around one of the balloons in the cluster. Take your next balloon cluster, butting it up real close to the one you’ve just attached the 260 balloon to. Thread the 260 through the adjoining balloon cluster, bringing the 260 back to the original balloon it’s tied to. Now your two balloon clusters are joined! (I know this sounds confusing, but I promise it’s not … rewatch that part of the video if you need to!)

6. Repeat this process for all balloons to create a garland shape. Where there are small gaps, use small balloon clusters (get those 260s out again!) or greenery to fill the spaces (just poke them in). Sit back and be ultra smug in all your DIY glory.

How to make a balloon garland
Repeat after me. Please don’t pop. Source: TikTok

7. Use Command hooks and 260 balloons to hang your stunning garland. Simply loop around the balloon and loop around the hook. Well done, YOU DID IT, you mastered the ultimate party decoration! Now get ready to party!

How to make a balloon garland
Command hooks to the rescue. Source: TikTok

And the result…


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