In a time where it’s tricky to pull off a successful party, this clever lady thought outside the box to throw one hell of a party celebration for her mum (who she is unable to see under Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions) – using ALL the Barbies at home. And the results are nothing short of magical!

 A party with a difference

Barbie birthday party
Set the party scene with inflated water balloons! Source: Marketo Roussos Kumar

Marketo posted her and her daughter’s party pics in the Party Mums Facebook group and the post exploded quicker than a children’s birthday pinata. A BARBIE BIRTHDAY PARTY? YES, MATE! Marketo captioned her upload with the following statement:

So, I know it’s a party page BUT this is technically a party … my mum had her birthday on Thursday and unfortunately as we are in Melbourne with stage 4 restrictions, we couldn’t see or celebrate with her! My daughter came up with an idea to have a party for grandma Barbie in honour of her grandma and send her the photos! It’s a little different… hope you all enjoy.

You’re bang on the money Marketo, it certainly is different – and we couldn’t LOVE IT MORE. This must have been so much fun to create with your daughter!

Barbie birthday party
Birthday cake and drinks – OF COURSE. Source: Marketo Roussos Kumar

Just like a real party… but not

We love that every photo is typical of what you would see at an actual real-life human birthday. From the party decorations and gift table to Grandma rocking a baby in the corner and opening gifts. And what’s a family party without photos being taken with generations of children and grandchildren? It’s all just so very special and so very well done.

Barbie birthday party
Time for present opening Grandma! Source: Marketo Roussos Kumar

We aren’t the only ones to think so too, hundreds of comments flood the original post giving virtual high-fives to the celebration and requests of party details like where does one find a Grandma Barbie? Spoiler alert: head to eBay!

Fellow group members applauded Marketo’s efforts, saying:

“We need more young folk thinking outside of the box – please keep fostering and growing this one’s imagination – this is the sweetest most thoughtful idea – you must be such a proud parent 💖

“This is one of the most beautiful, detailed things I have seen! A lot of thought and love went into this 😍😍😍


“This is beyond the coolest thing I have seen somebody do during COVID and being stuck in iso. I am simply impressed, your mum must be over the moon with the creativity and love you can see in all of these pictures. Hope she had a wonderful day ❤️

Barbie birthday party
Pics with the grandies, ALWAYS. Source: Marketo Roussos Kumar

Grandma Barbie’s smash hit party is only the beginning, we’re invited to join along in all the Barbie adventures over on Instagram. Just follow Barbie By Keto for the latest updates!

Barbie birthday party
I’ll have a Prosecco when the baby is asleep! Source: Marketo Roussos Kumar

I have absolutely no doubt that Grandma is just as thrilled with this Barbie birthday party as what Grandma Barbie is. An excellent party indeed, we take our party hats off to you Marketo. We have everything crossed you can celebrate with your mum in the flesh, very soon!

Celebration in full swing! Source: Marketo Roussos Kumar

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