“Don’t Play With Your Food!” … 13 Incredible Examples of Next Level Food Art

Next time you tell your kids not to play with their food, maybe think twice. Food art could be their calling, just as it is for this Australian mum. Producing amazing plates of all our favourite characters, you’ll be inspired to mould mashed potato for your family too!

Healthy fruit and vegetables have never looked more impressive than what it does here. From movie hits like Moana to Luca and all the Lion King, Shrek and Disney characters in between, Laleh Mohmed is blowing our minds with her food art creations featured on her Instagram feed, Jacobs Food Diaries.

When food is art…

Now to be clear, Laleh does mention on her Instagram that not all of her intricate creations are made to be eaten. There’s a lot of time with food spent laying out and playing, moulding and pushing spud into spaces going on. Nonetheless, there are also plenty of easier options to inspire us into getting creative for our fussy eaters. WOW!

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1. Carl Fredricksen from Up!

Disney’s Up! will forever be one of my favourite animated films, so seeing Carl’s face of whipped cream in a bowl of porridge, complete with strawberry bowtie, brings a smile to mine.

food art
Everyone needs chia seed glasses, am I right? Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

2. Luca

The main character of the movie Luca, it’s Luca!

food art
It’s the chocolate covered croissant hair for me. Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

3. The sweetest Grandpa

One of Laleh’s favourite creations, this Grandpa was created with mashed potato, flatbread, vermicelli noodles, goji berries, rice, cacao nibs and cucumber. Oh, the stories he could tell!

mum central
Gramps wearing his best cucumber check shirt. Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

4. The Lion King

More than 4000 individually placed grains of rice went into this Lion King plate. Let’s just think about that for a minute. OH, THE PATIENCE required to create Simba.

food art
Oh, my whiskers! Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

5. Scar (also from The Lion King)

The evil brother of Simba, Scar is created using dahl and mashed potato. I adore his sleek black Funghi mane, how delicious.

mum central
Not everyone can get away with wearing a funghi mane. Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

6. Mickey and Donald

An iconic pair, this is surely beans and rice in the best way ever!

food art
Friends for life! Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

7. Giulia from Luca

Has your tomato plant gone a little crazy? Try creating Luca movie character, Giulia with her stunning cherry tomato ‘do.

food art
Those eye highlights, amazing! Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

8. Shrek

This is fabulous. I know of a few families who call pesto pasta, Shrek pasta, but this takes it to a whole new level!

food art
Broccoli florets for ears. OF COURSE. Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

9. Spongebob pizza

This Spongebob pizza just cements the fact that yes, pineapple DOES belong on pizza. To Bikini Bottom, we go!

mum central
Pineapple does belong on pizza. It really does. Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

10. Alberto from Luca

Also from the movie Luca, Alberto has a face FULL of spaghetti and meatballs for hair. So clever, it’s food art at its finest, just look at that spaghetti swirl.

mum central
The cutest! Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

11. Sonic the Hedgehog

Blast from the past, it’s Sonic! Who knew he could be powered by blueberries?

mum central
The Nintendo life chose me. Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

12. Sesame Street toast

All the Sesame Street favourites are here – a yellow capsicum Big Bird, a spirulina dyed cream cheese Grover, sun-dried tomato Elmo and my personal (and quite doable) favourite, avocado Oscar the Grouch. Get in my belly.

mum central
I’ll take an Oscar the Grouch and a flat white, thanks. Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

13. Hei Hei from Moana

Boiled eggs and shaved carrot, spinach leaves and red cabbage. Let’s face it, you’ll never look at a salad again without thinking of Hei Hei!

food art
Hee hee, Hai Hai! Source: Instagram / @jacobs_food_diaries

Amazing food art, right? What a talent you are Laleh – the detail and dedication to each plate are magnificent. I’m going to practice my mashed potato sculpting STAT.

When your food art takes off!

It’s not just us and 270 thousand of Laleh’s Instagram followers that think her food art is next level, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, does too. Laleh and Sarah have partnered up to create a brilliant food art and recipe filled book so keep your eyes peeled for that – it launches next month!

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