This Gaspasser Will Make Your Windy Baby F*rt. (But You Have to do WHAT?)

If you’ve ever suffered the screaming, groaning, miserable curse that is a windy baby you’ll know just how hopeless this problem can make a mumma feel.  But would you be desperate enough to try the Fridababy Windi Gaspasser? It’s the latest product to de-gas your baby. And it involves a whistle and your bubba’s bum.

Could this be the greatest parenting gadget of all time? Or is this medieval baby torture? You’re the parent – and only you can decide!

You might know the name Fridababy already. They’re the Swedish team behind the (seemingly disgusting but apparently super effective) mucous device that sees you daringly put one tube in your mouth and one tube up baby’s nose – and suck.

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Many mums claim the NoseFrida apparatus (shown above) is genius for de-snotting a little one. It seems the Fridababy product designers are not afraid to get up close and very, very personal when it comes to solving baby’s pesky problems. Snot, farts and ALL.

Drop your nappy, let’s talk baby bots

So, let’s get to the bottom of what the Windi Gaspasser actually is. It’s a single-use plastic device and, according to the website, you can ‘use Windi to instantly free stubborn gas stuck in baby’s pipes.‘ Designed by a doctor and ‘paediatrician approved‘ it’s a pliable 3-inch hollow tube made with a soft, gentle rounded tip. You know what we’re about to say happens next, right….?

Yep, that rounded tip is what you put into baby’s bottom (being mindful (YIKES) of the ‘stopper so you can’t insert it too far‘) and then the wind magically makes the device play a sphincter-powered little song (like a geese whistle apparently) as baby farts all their gas away.

It’s a butt trumpet for baby

Yep, you read that right, it’s a whistle for your little one’s bum.  And if you’ve had a baby screaming for days on end with stomach pain, maybe that geese-like tune is going to be the best sound you’ve ever heard, the sound of sweet relief!

If the thought of casually inserting something into your baby’s behind makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re not alone. But the Fridababy team have made the whole idea seem almost normal with an animated video to show you how it works. Right down to baby tooting an adorable, celebratory fart right into mum’s face. (It’s worth the less-than-two-minute watch to really get your head around the whole idea of the Windi Gaspasser!)

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Real mums share the truth about their windy baby

The manufacturers describe the Windi Gaspasser ‘as an easy to use backend solution’, and while we haven’t (yet) tried it ourselves, the comments seem to suggest that the Windi really does work…

Polly writes, ‘THIS is seriously the best thing that was ever created. My son was miserable for about 10 days struggling with gas and constipation. As soon as we used it he was smiling right after farting for a few minutes and pooping hahaha. So yeah, mamas and papas, it WORKS!’ 

Then there’s Owen, a dad who believes in trying things himself first, ‘I tested it on me and then on my baby, we were like an orchestra! We both were clarinets…’  (side note the Windi Gaspasser is actually only for use on children up to 12 months but good on you for giving it a whirl Owen…)

Acuna says, ‘I’m a believer now! Clearly, the idea sounds like torture, as I thought, especially since my 6-week-old baby girl screams bloody murder while getting a rectal temperature taken at the pediatrician’s office. I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of this product. But I tried everything…. drops, tablets, rubs, colic holds, bicycling legs, and additional and frequent burping. Yet she still curled up her legs and screamed in agony from a hard tummy. The second I inserted the Windi…the whistle! And a long whistle too, reliving so much air. She is a different baby now. My gosh, I am a different new mom because I don’t know what to do with more sleep…’ 

And then there’s Ashley who said it delivered much, much more than she was expecting… ‘Just bought the product and it worked instantly! Poop shot through the tube which was a surprise but my 1-month-old is feeling so much better! This product is amazing!’ 

Yes, this could be a sh*t show

Whilst you may be looking to simply de-gas your baby as you reach for the Fridababy, the reviews (and even the manufacturer’s product packaging) warn that a cloth nappy is absolutely required. Apparently, the Windi Gaspasser could also be named the Windi Pooh-maker as it’s not uncommon to enjoy (and we use the term loosely) a display of the epic ‘code brown’ variety.

Consider yourself officially warned.

Would you try the Windi Gaspasser?

It seems the mum-jury is in, and the Windi Gaspasser gets the thumbs up. Whether you’re open to trying this fart-releasing wonder tube or you just can’t stomach the idea….it’s really up to you. Either way, there’s no denying that the Swedish inventors aren’t afraid to go where no mum has gone before.

If the Gaspasser isn’t for you, here are some other ideas to help your windy baby. And if you do get desperate (or bold) enough to try the Fridababy miracle cure, you can find them via their website.

Disclaimer: The Gaspasser is a medical device approved for use in Europe and America. This product should be used following the instructions. This article does not cover the full usage information and should not be interpreted as medical advice.

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