To Infinity and Beyond! Be Blown Away with the Brand New Toy Story 4 Toys

The countdown is over! Toy Story 4 officially lands in Australian cinemas THIS week.  

To add to the excitement, Funtastic has released an all-new range of Toy Story 4 toys that bring the gang to life. No, really!!

We’ve got your first look at the all-new range of interactive Toy Story toys. Get excited for Woody, Buzz and all of their friends!

The toys are back (and cooler than ever)

It’s hard to believe that the first Toy Story came out almost 15 years ago! It’s even crazier to see how far these classic characters have come. In the fourth instalment of Toy Story, Bonnie and her toy tribe hit the road on a family holiday.

WANT A SNEAK PEEK? If you haven’t watched it already, you can get up to speed on what’s in store with the awesome Toy Story 4 trailer. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a movie premiere without a few new toys to go with the film! And, boy, did they deliver the goods with the latest Toy Story 4 toys!

Woody. Buzz. Bo Peep and the newest character to join the toy chest, Forky, are larger than life in the form of these clever talking toys that actually interact with your child. All four figurines come with dozens of preloaded sayings and look just like the loveable toys from the film.

But this is just the beginning of the magic. Because each one also comes with a bunch of new tricks up their sleeves. Prepare to be blown away by what these figurines can do

Woody and Buzz’s all-new drop-down action 

We’ll start with Talking Sheriff Woody and Talking Buzz Lightyear ($129 each). Both move their heads when placed in LIVE mode and can play 70 and 65 sayings respectively. Woody comes with his traditional removable cowboy hat and pull-string that plays the classic toy lines and Buzz comes complete with sound effects and wings. Just like in the movies.

They are both quite big too – Woody stands at just over 40cm and Buzz is 30cm, making them the perfect size to cuddle and cart around the house.

But what makes these two new toys so special is that they transform into your child’s interactive BFF… but only when the adults aren’t looking. It’s all thanks to their new drop-down action and TOY mode feature.

Toy Story 4 toys - Woody and Buzz

You see, both Woody and Buzz know exactly when to come alive (LIVE mode) and when to act like a toy (TOY mode). All your child has to do is say is, “Someone’s coming!” or “Quiet – go to Sleep” and the Toy Story heroes will automatically transition to silent TOY Mode. They will freeze, drop and collapse in front of your child’s eyes and ‘pretend’ to be just toys until the coast is clear.

Once the coast is clear, your child just needs to signal it’s safe to return by saying, “Okay, no one’s here.” and Woody and Buzz will come back to life.

How cool is that??!!! To a kid, this would be the best thing ever! Heck, I’m 35 and I think it’s pretty darned cool!

WATCH: Take a look at the videos to see the drop-down function in action: 

Pretty cool, hey!?

Pretty playmates Bo Peep + Giggle

Although Bo Peep has been in all the Toy Story films, she’s never had a starring role. Until now! And, with her role, she’s gained some seriously cool new skills.

Toy Story 4 toys - Bo Peep

Feature Talking Bo Peep ($109) is so much than just your regular pretty porcelain doll. Sure, she’s fun to play with, comes with articulated head, shoulders, elbows, waist, legs, and knees, but she can also be your little girl (or guy’s) best friend with secrets to keep and plenty to chat about.

Bo talks on her own with 40 different sayings but she can also interact with Giggle (that’s the little mate on her shoulder). Simply place Giggle on Bo’s shoulder and watch them speak to each other! In case you’re wondering, Officer Giggle McDimples is the head of Pet Patrol located in Mini-opolis! She is Bo’s good friend and confidante!

WATCH: See Bo and Giggle in action in the video below: 

Fun with Forky

The newest character to the Toy Story franchise is Forky, a highly strung plastic fork (or spork) that Bonnie decides deserves to have toy status. Forky is funny on the big screen, and he’s such a fun interactive toy!

Toy Story 4 Toys - Forky

Feature Talking Forky ($109) talks, hums, moves backward and forward, taps his feet and comes with three different modes (dancing mode, talkback mode and pre-programmed mode).

But best of all, he flails his weird body around in funny movements that are sure to give the kids the giggles. We are loving this new kooky character and the fun he brings to the toy chest.

WATCH: Forky gets his groove on in the video below: 

Launch into Space with the new Utility Belt and Disc Launcher

In addition to the four new Toy Story 4 figures, there’s also an all-new Space Range Utility Belt ($49.99) and a Disc Launcher ($26.99) hitting toy store shelves. And both are AWESOME, especially for kids who love their Nerf guns.

Toy Story 4 toy Buzz belt

Your little space commander can put on the Utility Belt and head out for adventure! The belt comes with a light projector, an infinity blaster, a launcher, three darts, and a handy storage compartment. It’s also got an inflatable wing jet pack with adjustable straps for the full Buzz experience.

The Disc Launcher attaches to their wrist and lets them protect the galaxy with their flying disc. Each launcher comes with five reusable discs that are loaded into the launcher. Simply pull the trigger and fire away!

All for fun and fun for all! 

The latest Toy Story toys are designed for kids 4+ and available at all good toy stores including Big W, Target, Kmart, Toy World, Toymate, Myer and David Jones.


There are plenty more Toy Story characters on the shelves too including Jessie, Bullseye, the Space Aliens, and the Bucket O’Soldiers, plus there’s a host of new character toys such as Ducky, Bunny and Duke Caboom. You can check out the full range through the link below.mum central


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    It has to be forky because he reminds me alot of myself. He started off anxious and scared but he overcame that.

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    A fantastic giveaway; Toy Story is very loved and good luck everyone.

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    I love Forky,
    Because he’s a sporky;
    I could use him to eat my dinner,
    As a spoon or fork, he’s a winner.
    Forky would fit right in with his googly eyes,
    Because just like me, he’s weird but wise.

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