27 Annoying AF Things Kids do Daily

Kids are awesome. But they can also dole out a hefty dose of ‘annoying’. Here are 27 annoying AF things our much-loved kids do on the daily to grind our gears!

Let’s be honest, parenting is no bed of sweet-smelling roses.  For the most part, it’s equal amounts of fun/rewarding/mundane—dotted with plenty of annoyances.

But the thing with parenting is that you have to take the good with the just plain annoying. #FACT How many of these daily kid-induced annoyances can you relate too?

27 Annoying AF things kids do day in, day out

1. They look directly at you when you’re speaking to them and then ask, “what did you say?”.

2. They blatantly ignore simple requests. You ask them EVERY. DAY. to eat their breakfast and brush their teeth. But then, as you’re frantically trying to haul them into the car for school drop off, you ask did you brush your teeth? Did you eat breakfast? The reply is “No” and “No”. Argh!

child eating breakfast cereal

3. Annoying kids use every bloody cup in the house and never think to maybe re-use the cup they drank out of last or wash one up.

4. They leave wet towels on their floor/bed/anywhere other than back on the towel rail where they belong.

5. They leave wet socks lying around throughout winter. Or worse, leave them in a sports bag or in the car so the smell can permeate throughout the vehicle for everyone to enjoy. SO NICE.

6. Annoying kids leave socks and shoes out by the trampoline so they’re one of two things – either wet in the morning when you’re wanting to put them on your kids’ feet or destroyed by the dog. Either way, annoying!

7. They ask you to watch them doing a skateboard stunt when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner (and said stunt turns out to be rubbish and not really worth burning dinner over).

blue skateboard, sneakers, girl

8. They also leave said skateboards in front of the back door so that you walk out and almost break your neck, drop the F-bomb and then feel like a terrible, VERY SWEARY mum.

9. They ask you for stuff when you’re on the toilet. They literally stand outside the toilet door asking for milk, a sandwich, for you to watch them do a skateboard trick – anything that will ruin your two-minutes of peace on the loo. Like, seriously!

10. Annoying kids put all their clothes in the laundry basket, not just the dirty ones, ALL OF THEM. Because it’s easier than folding them up and putting them in their drawer. Growl!

11. They ask to have friends over for a sleepover. Enough said.

12. They constantly ask for their iPad (even when they’re banned, which is most of the time in my house).

girl lying on couch using tablet tech

13. Annoying kids ask for the charger for their iPad. “What, I said you were banned. How did you even find your iPad?”

14. They fight with siblings over who is in more DIRE need of the iPad charger. #annoyingAF

15. They complain they’re dying of dehydration at bedtime. “C’mon, just get to bed.”

16. They take things out of the garage/kitchen/your home office and then leave them lying around – or worse, break them.

17. Annoying kids stuff food packaging down the side of the couch instead of walking to the kitchen bin.

young girls sitting on sofa with TV remote

18. They wedge the TV remote down the side of the couch so siblings can’t take it, but to retrieve it you have to feel through all the discarded wrappers and food crumbs from years gone by. Yuk!

19. They Leave a sea of Lego on their bedroom floor and then fall asleep with their bedside lamp on. UGH, SO HURTY.

20. Annoying kids not-so-silently judge and compare you to other mums. Tommy’s mum is SO MUCH FUN, she lets kids sleep over on school nights. AWESOME. Side note to Tommy’s mum – please DON’T.

21. They hoard dirty dishes in their bedrooms. Anyone care for a two-week-old festy Milo milk cup or a dried Weetbix-plastered bowl? Didn’t think so.

22. They present you with school notes that require money payments on the morning that they are due. What do you mean you need $16 CASH right now? *rummages through car console, finds $3 in 20 cent pieces*

money saving hacks

23. They never want to talk about their day. How was school? GOOD. Cue the end of conversation.

24. Annoying kids constantly whine, “there’s NOTHING TO EAT”. When what they mean is “there’s nothing full of sugar I can just grab to eat and then thrust the rubbish down the side of the couch”. Lazy so-and-sos.

25. When asked to take the bin out to the kerb, they carry on as though the wheelie bin weighs 110kg and I’m making them drag it 200 metres. Mate, it’s a six-metre driveway, calm your farm kid before I nominate you to take the neighbour’s bin out too.

26. They resist taking a shower or washing their hair. And then when they DO take a shower, they use all the hot water and your very spendy hairdresser-quality shampoo to make slippery bubbles in the shower recess. NONE OF IT TOUCHES THEIR HEAD. HAIR IS STILL FULL OF FILTH.

27. They save up anything sweet they might have to say to you until they’re in bed and you’re delivering their second glass of water. Then they mutter it under their breath, before slipping into blissful slumber, so you can’t quite catch it but you know it was good. Lucky they’re CUTE.

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