9 Words Kids Have Made Up That Should Be Added to the Dictionary

Feeling f*cktrated? Blow your snotrils! Sometimes made up words just say it better!

Here’s nine words kids have made up that should definitely be added to the dictionary!

And we’re pretty sure your kids have a few to add too!

What do you do when you can’t think of a word?

Make it up! Just take a look at Roald Dahl’s fabulous books, full of fantastic made up words!

From The BFG there’s biffsquiggled, which means confused, or natterbox for someone who can’t stop talking.

And if ever anyone was a biffsquiggled natterbox, it’s kids! Kids make up new words all the time – and some of them are awesome! Check out these nine new words we’d love to see in the dictionary!

Awesome words kids have created!

1. Snotrils. Needs no explanation. It’s kid speak for nostrils, but it just says it SO much better. Because, let’s face it, most of the time kid’s nostrils are more like snotrils!

parenting humour - child picking nose

2. Jumpolines. I mean seriously why aren’t trampolines just called that already? You don’t tramp on them, you jump! (Also saves explaining why we don’t call people tramps just because they’re on a trampoline).

3. Annoring. It might be made up, but it’s the perfect word for so many adult occasions that are both annoying and boring. Go on, you know you’ll use it!

4. Mow lawner. This one’s just cute. ‘Back in a minute hon, I’m just going to use the mow lawner’ is just better!

5. Dickless. It’s the made up kid version of ridiculous but SO much more fun. Except perhaps not at full note during a sibling squabble at the supermarket…

mum central

6. Lastday. As in yesterday, because yeah that actually just makes more sense.

7. Nextday. The day after today. Again, it’s just better: lastday, today, nextday.

8. Hopscotchymus. Hippopotamus. Ok, so it probably isn’t a more accurate word, but there’s something about the mental picture of a hippo playing hopscotch that is just more fun!

9. F*cktrated. This one’s my personal made up favourite from the mouth of my seven-year-old. F*cktrated. As in really f*cking frustrated. Yes, inappropriate for small children, but still so awesome. And perfect for SO many moments.

mum central

I’m sending that one to the dictionary. That and snotrils. How could they refuse? Does your kid have a cracker made up word? We’d love to hear it!

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