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Bounce into Summer Fun with a Plum Premium Magnitude Trampoline


Considering a trampoline to keep the kids active and entertained for years to come?

Not all trampolines are created equal so make it extra special with a trampoline that keeps on bouncing!

Come and check out the extra bouncy awesomeness of Plum® Springsafe® Trampolines, known for their innovative design, exceptional safety standards and long lasting quality.

What more could you want in a trampoline?



Mum Central Reviews: Plum® Premium Magnitude Trampoline

Recently Plum Play® gave us the chance to review one of their super stellar Plum® Premium Magnitude Trampolines. Because we have a smaller backyard, we opted for the 10 footer (okay, and because I also wanted to give it a go!).

My boys have wanted a trampoline for some time now and I’ve always been a bit hesitant, simply because of the safety aspect. I’ve heard a lot about poor quality trampolines that just aren’t up to scratch and won’t even last a year. A trampoline is a big investment and one that I want to be sure about before I  buy.

Additionally, my youngest has sensory needs and ‘crashing’ is his way of grounding himself so I’ll find him crashing down on my lounge (because it has great springs in the seats). He always gravitates towards trampolines, especially at his OT sessions, so it was a no-brainer to try and provide that outlet for him at home.

But this is what makes the Plum® Springsafe® Trampoline range stand out – their safety standards are paramount. They have made it their passion to design the best innovative, safe and fun trampolines suitable for everyone, from young jumpers to aspiring gymnasts. They are a family owned and run business and are passionate about inspiring children to play in the fresh air, keep active and love the outdoors.

Plum® are celebrating over 30 years of play and have sold more than ONE MILLION PLUM® TRAMPOLINES to fun loving families around the world. That gives me confidence in knowing they understand trampolines and that’s a pretty solid track record to build from.

IMPRESSIVE FACT: Plum® patented TrampKlamp® brackets are weld-free and tested to simulate over 1,000,000 bounces!


1-2-3 BUILD!

We set aside a Sunday morning and got to work to build our 10ft Plum® Premium Magnitude Trampoline.  I have to say I was pretty impressed at the quality of the components as we started unpacking the box. AND the instructions were actually really easy to follow, unlike some of the flat pack manuals I’ve come across in my time.

So we set to work and started creating our masterpiece. Didn’t take too long before we realised we had skipped a crucial step (make sure the outer ring has the holes FACE UP otherwise you can’t attach the springs!) It WAS in the instructions, but in my usual DIY style I overlooked the detail! 😂 Fortunately it was a quick fix and we were on our way again.


The manual said approximately 2 adults for 2 hours … it probably took us about 2.5 hours all up however it was pretty easy to put together. Pieces slotted in really easily and given the instructions are pretty clear, common sense will get you there every time.


We decided to set up a camera and film a time-lapse video so you can see just how it all came together. The beauty of time lapse means you can watch our 2.5 hours in just 4 minutes!

What we especially loved! 

Long lasting quality – You can tell these trampolines are built to last! From the matte black powder-coated legs to the durable reversible safety padding, I know we will enjoy the bouncing fun for many seasons to come!

Built strong for our harsh Aussie sun – I know that trampoline nets can be prone to rotting and shrinkage on other brands when left out in the weather. Plum® Springsafe® Trampoline’s polyester net is strong, lightweight, with resistance to stretching and shrinking to retain its shape in harsh climates.

plum-trampoline-enclosure-netMassive warranties – In fact, Plum® guarantees it too! Their tramps come with some of the most extended warranties I’ve come across – up to 10 years on some parts. Plus they are UV treated to handle our harsh Aussie climate. Rain. Hail. Shine. And everything else the weather throws our way.


Insane spacious bounce power! – Seeing is believing when it comes to the Plum® Springsafe® Trampoline bounce power. The trick is the longer springs which give a longer bounce. They’re high-galvanised meaning they won’t rust, corrode or break.  Plus, the 14 footer can hold up to 125 kg, perfect for parents too!


100% Springsafe – All Plum® Premium Magnitude Trampolines come with super soft enclosure poles, padded EVA foam protection (the same stuff used for play mats for children) and an enclosure design that ensures there’s no way to touch the spring, even if the kids bounce off the main area.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can ignore the basic safety rules that come with trampolines, you know, like one bouncer at a time, no crazy tricks and no water or soap when jumping.

plum-trampoline-onlookingSee Plum® Premium Magnitude Trampoline in Action

mum central

Plum Premium Magnitude Trampoline - 10ft

Safety 10.0
Ease of Assembly 8.5
Quality 9.0
Value for Money 8.8
Fun Factor 10.0


  • Great Quality
  • Well Respected Brand
  • Safe
  • Long Lasting Quality
  • Super Bouncy Springs

mum centralGet Yours and Get Jumping

We absolutely love our Plum® Springsafe® Trampoline! And we are sure you will too! They come in 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft models. All feature their extensive safety, quality and bounce power.

Plus, they make an ideal birthday present to give the kids!

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Jump for joy any time of the year with your very own Plum® Springsafe® Premium Magnitude Trampoline.

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  1. Avatar of Elizabeth Gully
    Elizabeth Gully Reply

    I would love too win this beautiful trampoline for Kiera and Ayla .
    Kiera has sensory issue autism and a mace .
    She is really a good girl I feel a trampoline would give her a jump of confidence.
    And when she had her friends around there would be the sounds of children having fun.
    This is a awesome prize in so many ways and is going to make one family very happy .

  2. Avatar of Ashleigh

    I would love to win a trampoline for my family the kids deserve a place they can go muck around with the assurance they are safe to jump, roll and flip. My son is really into trying to flip and its just too dangerous on a lounge so a trampoline is the ultimate spot to let him learn 🙂

  3. Avatar of erin

    my son would live in this space. both boys love to be outside. and rvdrttime we are at there aunts house thr tramp is in action. something they can both grow with.

  4. Avatar of Sarah

    With a new baby on the way, my son would be beside himself excited to have a trampoline to bounce away some of his energy when the baby is taking up his ‘Mummy Time’.

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