The Clever School Drop Off Signs I Wished We Had at Our Drop and Go Line – Don’t You?

The rules in any school drop off line are simple. Stop your car. Drop your kids off. And Go. Easy.

But it doesn’t always go to plan. There are cars everywhere, offloading kids carrying oversized bags and dropping their hats.

Sometimes kids have massive tubas or cellos (yes, some kids play the cello!) or some other enlarged object that they may need help to airlift out of the vehicle.

Sometimes there are tears and the parents must exit their own vehicle to pry their child off the passenger door.

Sometimes there are parents who choose to get out to give their children a kiss and rearrange their outfits and most likely recite the entire Greek alphabet to them because, seriously, WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO FREAKING LONG TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR KID??

Yep. The Stop, Drop and Go line-up at school is hectic. But one school has gone above and beyond to make it a little less hectic and a little more hilarious by adding 90s-inspired signs out the front, specifically for all the oldie parents to enjoy.

Kids, after all, probably won’t get the references.

The best school drop off signs in the history of ever

Shared on Facebook, the school drop off signs are on display outside Austintown Elementary School and come courtesy of the AES PTA (Parent Teacher Association). In between planning bake sales and making school t-shirts, the PTA crew brought together the best of the best in 90s celebs to help showcase how to properly act in a school drop off line.

There’s TLC and N’Sync, MC Hammer, Ross from Friends and Ryan Gosling. The only people missing are Marky Mark and Avril Lavigne.

So hop into your car and enter the parade of 90s memes every parent will appreciate.

Move on up

funny school drop-off signs
Source: Facebook

As parents arrive at school, they are greeted by the ridiculously handsome Ryan in classic meme form who politely reminds them to move their car to the front of the line which is a ridiculously common problem in Kiss and Go, Stop & Go or whatever your or schools call them these days!

Ryan, I shall obey.

GLAD to be reminded 

funny school-drop off signs
Source: Facebook

Next, there’s this image of a car wrapped in GLAD wrap which acts as a reminder to remain in your vehicle. I don’t think it’s from any particular 90s show or reference but correct me if I’m wrong.

Sing it, girls

funny school drop-off signs
Source: Facebook

TLC is also there. They’ve given up on warning us about waterfalls and moved their attention to drop off lanes.

We hear you girls. If you don’t read this sign to the tune of Waterfalls, then we cannot be friends. Because clearly, I am too old.


Funny school drop off signs
Source: Facebook

We then arrive at Ross who hilariously explains how to manoeuvre yourself out of the school drop off line. A very tricky move indeed.

Nearly as tricky as trying to move a couch in a small New York apartment complex.


No Hammertime in the line-up

MC hammer funny school drop-off signs
Source: Facebook

MC Hammer is also here with his baggy pants and a reminder that we can’t park on the grass.

Don’t stop. It’s not Hammer Time. It’s Driving-Out-Of-the-School-In-a-Timely-and-Ordered-Fashion Time.

N’Sync gets it

funny school drop-off signs
Source: Facebook

N’Sync is also there to encourage us to depart from our children which is a lot harder for some parents than others. But, as JT once said, I want to see you out that [car] door.

See ya kids.

funny school drop-off signs
Source: Facebook

Sincerely, the best PTA in the history of ever.

If anyone belongs to a Parent Teacher Association (or whatever your school calls it), then please, do this!!!

And share it with the world because we could all use a bit of a laugh in the school drop off line. Especially on the days when your child needs to bring her cello.

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