School Photo Printing Error is the Funniest Fail of 2020


It’s been one hellava year. Like many mums, US mum Brittany Kinley was looking forward to her son starting school, some semblance of normality, and for his very first “official” kindergarten school photo.

While in Australia we’re counting down the days until school ends for the year, in America, the school year only started at the end of August/beginning of September. And while kinder over here is the year before “big school”, in America, kindergarten is equivalent to prep.

Okay, we’re all caught up to speed. Now, onto the fail.

School photo fail sums up 2020

As mentioned, Brittany was pretty darned excited about her son’s first official school photo. She even ordered 30 of them to ensure every relative would get a pic.

But, because it’s 2020, the process of ordering the school photo online couldn’t be simple or straightforward. Oh no. That’s not what happens in 2020.

Instead, this happened:

school photo fail
Source: Facebook

Yep. There’s Brittany’s adorable son Mason, looking as sweet and innocent as pie.

And underneath, on top of the Class of Kindergarten 2020/2021 writing, in white caplocks, I DON’T WANT THIS. 


How does such a screw up happen? It’s kind of a funny story…

Online ordering doesn’t end well

As Brittany explained on her now-viral Facebook post, it’s ALL the photo company’s fault.

Mason got his kindergarten pictures and I didn’t want his name [printed] on the bottom so I typed in “I don’t want this.” And they freaking printed this.

So now I have like 30 pictures of him with this on the bottom.

#idowantthis #if2020wasaphoto #sorryMase.” 

If 2020 was a school photo

When Brittany first opened the pictures she was completely shocked to discover the school photo fail. But once she put two and two together, she’s realised what had happened and couldn’t help but giggle.

Since sharing the picture online, she’s made thousands and thousands of other people giggle too and adorable little I Don’t Want This is making headlines around the world.

kindergarten mum fail

No idea why the photo company wouldn’t DOUBLE CHECK the forms before printing it, but, hey, it’s 2020, after all.

At least Mason and his mum have a funny photo to remind them of the year no one wanted.

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    We couldn’t attend our school photos, so we went to the secondary school (same photographers) a few days early. They mixed up our son and daughter’s paperwork, so everyone in my son’s class had his name with the photo of my daughter, and 2-years-younger daughter had my son with his sister’s name! They had to reprint all the photos for both classes!!

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