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Furby is Back – ’90s Nostalgia Reimagined for Today’s Generation!

Furby … they were quite possibly the most iconic toy of my childhood. I didn’t have a Furby growing up but I sure do remember them!  One of my friends had one and I always recall that they were THE IT TOY to have. 

So when I found out that there was a new reimagined Furby releasing late this year, I knew my kids HAD to have it. And I knew I’d be secretly playing with it too. 

Two kids, one honest Furby review 

I’m a Brisbane mum of two children, Anna, 10 and Alex, 7. Both love interactive toys but my son, Alex is especially into pretend pets. 

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So you can imagine how excited I was to introduce them to the new Furby and see if they loved it as much as my generation did. It’s actually been 25 years since the original Furbys graced our toy shelves, how time flies!! 

They’re BAAAAAACK! Source: Supplied

If you had a Furby, you’ll remember their adorable eyes, soft fur and cute jibber jabber. Well, I’m happy to report that all of these cheeky elements still exist. The new Furby is even more engaging and adorable than I recall! 

I mean, look how cute this little guy is! Source: Supplied

Not only are they sweet, but they are also curious and smart with plenty of say. Furby comes with 5 different voice-activated modes as well as over 600 phrases, jokes, songs and so much more to discover.

My kids were never sure what their Furbys might do next, which really had the whole family laughing. They also respond to all sorts of interactions, including being patted, fed and cuddled. 

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Our overall thoughts

Furby has all the cute and cuddly attributes I remember from the original, as well as fantastic new features for a new generation!

The more the children played with them, the more fun features and sayings they were able to unlock.  They loved finding out something new!

They especially loved having Furby nibble on their fingers or feeding him using the pizza charm.  

Both my children developed a bond with their Furbys. My 7-year-old especially has really enjoyed nurturing and caring for his new BFF and I’ve seen him reading to it and tucking it into bed with him.”

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Playful, interactive and a guaranteed laugh fest

One of the things I especially loved about Furby is that every time my kids played with him, it was a different interactive experience. 

Five Modes of Furby Playfulness

  • DANCE PARTY: Plays a range of fun songs and dances along. 
  • COPYCAT MODE:  Records a short burst of sound (usually your child talking) and plays it back with voice effects added. This was a guaranteed giggle-fest!
  • TELL MY FORTUNE: Imitates a magic 8-ball-style fortune device. 
  • LET’S CHILL: Leads you on some deep breathing, stretching and positive affirmations.
  • LIGHT SHOW: Silent but has its ears light up with a range of colours. 
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Let’s Chill was my personal favourite. The children really enjoyed this mode, and I discovered that Furby also enters this mode if he detects yelling in the house. Pretty clever!” 

Accessories and ON/OFF button included! 

Furby comes in a box with 15 fashion accessories for kids to discover, including a brush, clip-on beads, and a pretend pizza charm. 

It was also great to have these accessories as it made Furby playable when switched off. Kids can also wear the necklace themselves if they choose to!” 

Plus, you can easily turn him off. He ‘goes to sleep’, in a process complete with counting sheep and cute snoring sounds if you lay them down on their back. Also, three quick taps on the heart gem on his forehead render him instantly switched off. 

Sssshhh, he’s sleeping! Source: Supplied

Another exciting thing we discovered when we placed our two Furbys together is that they interact with one another. It was hilarious! You need to pair them together (which is easy to do). They also don’t require internet or other devices to be ready to play, which I also really enjoyed. 

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The All-New Furby

Interactive 10.0
Responsive 10.0
Entertaining 8.0
A Playful Pal 10.0
Value for Money 9.0


  • Interactive
  • On/Off Button
  • 5 Fun Modes
  • No Internet Needed
  • 15 Accessories Included

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The perfect companion this Christmas 

He’s weird, wacky, wonderful and the perfect addition to our imperfect little family. 

I’d definitely recommend Furby as a Christmas Gift for kids who enjoy interactive toys, who wish for a pet or a companion. Most children will have a favourite setting and there really is a setting to suit every child. Our kids had their 3-year-old cousin visit and she was entranced by him too!” 

Furby is available now in all major retailers including Kmart and Big W.

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