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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes as Teenager Creates Most Intricate Hairstyles Ever

If it’s a Game of Throne’s style hairdo you want or even an Elsa braid, here’s where you’ll find it. One thing I know for sure is that 17-year-old self-taught hairstylist is leaving my day-three hybrid bird nest mum-bun for dead with her intricate haristyles.  #HAIRGOALS

You could be fooled into thinking these creations are being made on an actual person’s long, thick hair but alas, this young lady uses wigs to practice her hair styling. And frankly speaking, it’s the most magical thing I’ve seen. I most definitely did not have this level of patience for ANYTHING at 17-years-old.

My 17-year-old hair being like… #90svibe via GIPHY

17 years-old and nailing all things hair

In an interview, Milena, a 17-year-old teenager and hairdresser extraordinaire from Germany says:

“I first started doing hairstyles when I was about 6 years old. But I’ve always been interested in braiding, for example, bracelets. Then, when I was about 10 years old, I started doing more advanced hairstyles”.

So advanced I can barely see straight. We’re talking intricate hairstyles worthy of Disney princesses and blockbuster movies here guys. Check out some of her epic creations below!

intricate hairstyles
I like to call this the ‘tidy mermaid wave’. Source: Instagram / @hairstylist.dream

Milena is super helpful in answering questions on her hairstylist.dream Instagram account and even offers braiding tutorial videos so you can work on your own braiding game.

intricate hairstyles
Follow the tutorial video to learn how to braid BIG from braiding basics. Seriously. Source: Instagram / @hairstylist.dream

Milena has a super strong following on her Instagram account with close to 38,000 followers tuning in to see what she’s magically weaving, knotting and generally creating magic with. This girls future in hair is nothing short of epic, that I’m certain of.

intricate hairstyles
Macrame magic! Source: Instagram / @hairstylist.dream
intricate hairstyles
We will call this rosette and trellis. SO FANCY. Source: Instagram / @hairstylist.dream

I mean, HOW? So detailed, so intricate, SO DAMN TRICKY.

intricate hairstyles
A curly-wurly braid. For lack of an epic description. Source: Instagram / @hairstylist.dream

Without further ado, find that fishtail comb and grab your full can of extra strong hold Elnett hairspray and go forth and practice creating your own intricate hairstyles. Or, settle in for day four of your mum bun. It’s totally up to you!

intricate hairstyles
Source: Instagram / @hairstylist.dream

On a final note, if the mum bun is your go-to – Milena even has a few ‘easy’ bun tutorials to have us covered. 😉 PHEW!

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