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REVIEW: Discover Real Unicorn Magic with Blossom, My Bestiecorn from FurReal

Mum, can I have a pet unicorn for Christmas?  Yes, you certainly CAN with this brand new addition to the FurReal Friends family – Blossom, My Bestiecorn. That’s right mums, we can actually make our kids’ unicorn dreams come true – without the need to move to a make-believe land (Narnia does look pretty nice, though – all that pretty snow). 

Blossom, my Bestiecorn is brand new to Australia and we were one of the first to discover just how magical she really is. 

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We recently introduced four mums and their little ones to Blossom, My Bestiecorn at a surprise unboxing event held in Sydney. And what a sweet surprise it was! Check out Blossom, My Bestiecorn in action and watch the excitement unfold as we uncover just what this interactive unicorn can do! 

mum central

mum central

We also have four of these beautiful FurReal unicorn toys to give away, just in time for Christmas. They make a perfect gift for your little animal lover. And just wait ’til you see what Blossom can do! 

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Meet Blossom, My Bestiecorn

She’s pretty, she’s pink and she’s sure to light up your little one’s life. Prepare for Blossom, the FurReal unicorn to go everywhere with you – better add another chair to the dinner table now! 

With a multicoloured mane, a bright blue horn and a fluffy tail, she’s sure to take the front seat in the toy room. She also comes with a box of hidden gems and barrettes so kids can decorate her horn and hooves. Plus, each one includes two friendship necklaces, one for her and one for your child. So cute, right??!! 

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But what makes Blossom, My Bestiecorn extra magical is that she really interacts with your child. She has 100+ sounds and reactions to discover. Pat her and she makes a noise. Brush her mane and she responds with music. Feed her ice cream and she’ll show you just how much she loves it.

And this is just the beginning of the fun! Check out our video review below to see what else she can do. 

FurReal Reveal: Blossom, My Bestiecorn LIVE unboxing

FurReal Friends are always a huge hit with kids, simply because they are as close to a real pet as you can get.

But Blossom the FurReal unicorn gives children a real pet that also happens to be a mythical beast. I mean, it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

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We absolutely loved being able to capture these special moments between mother and daughter at our recent FurReal Reveal Unboxing Event. 

Our four mums, Carol, Tegan, Sara and Stephanie,  plus their kids, Olivia, 6, Hallie, 4, Olivia, 6 and Harper, 5, had an absolute blast. 

To watch the magic unfold on camera was such a magical experience,” Mum Central founder, Belinda, said about the day.

“You can tell Blossom will ignite hours of pretend play, imagination and fun. Blossom is a unicorn lover’s dream come true and will no doubt dominate the Christmas wish list, taking pretend play to a whole new level!” 

One glance at the reactions of the girls while playing with Blossom, My Bestiecorn and it’s quite obvious: She is not just a unicorn toy. She is a best friend for life. 

mum central

mum central

What the mums had to say:

I loved watching [Harper’s] reaction during the unboxing. She loves exploring everything Blossom can do. She takes her everywhere with us and she has become another member of our family.” – Stephanie, from Sydney Mummy Blogger and mum to Harper, 5

Blossom, My Bestiecorn is our new favourite friend. I loved the connection Olivia had with Blossom. It was instant and has continued since coming home. She has taught [her] about empathy and I have seen some wonderful traits come out through her playtime with Blossom.”  – Sara, from Kid Magazine and mum to Olivia, 6

“[Hallie] plays with Blossom every day and loves brushing its hair and putting the clips in. It’s been so much fun exploring all her features. I have loved watching my daughter care for and nurture her new pet. I would definitely recommend Blossom to all my friends and family.” – Tegan, mum to Hallie, 4

She wouldn’t stop talking about it for 2 days! I’m surprised my kindy girl keep track of the little gems. She counts and pairs them and think about where to place them on the unicorn. Now it even teaches maths! 

It is really well made. The best part to be honest I like the tail using non hair like material. We had other horse toys the hair tangles too much both mane and tail. Carol, mum to Olivia, 4

5/5 stars from our FurReal Unicorn reviewers


After witnessing firsthand how much fun Blossom can be and how much love this special toy can bring to their kids, all four mums gave Blossom, My Bestiecorn an overall 5/5 star rating.

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FurReal Friends Blossom, My Bestiecorn

10 FurReal Friends Blossom, My Bestiecorn


  • 100+ reactions and sounds
  • Soft features
  • Great for pretend play
  • A BFF for life
  • Magical accessories
Easy to Set Up
Fun to Play With
Value for Money
Interactive and Engaging

Easy to set up, engaging to play with, interactive and lovable – Blossom is sure to become your child’s new best friend. 

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Get yours quick!

We have a feeling these beautiful little besties are going to FLY off the shelves. They make an ideal Christmas gift for girls, a birthday present or a special surprise for kids aged 3+. 

You can find them at Target, Big W and independent retailers for $199.99. 

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Make sure you also enter our competition below to win one of three Blossom, My Bestiecorn. 


We have four Blossom, My Bestiecorn toys up for grabs.

Valued at $199.99, each interactive unicorn is sure to bring a bit of magic into your little one’s world.

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This is a sponsored review for Hasbro.  All opinions are those of our reviewers.
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