14 Game-Changing Pregnancy Hacks and Postpartum Tricks

It’s no secret that pregnancy can take its toll. For 40 weeks we are surprised with strange symptoms that often leave us Googling what we can do about it. Can we take this medication? Are we allowed to try that technique?

Well, ladies, allow us to let you in on some of our best pregnancy hacks and postpartum tricks to relieve all those pesky problems. The best thing about these pregnancy hacks is that most include items you already have on hand or can pick up at the grocery store next time you’re out. Home remedies for the win!

Check out our favourite pregnancy and postpartum hacks to get you through all the trimesters.

Comfort and everyday dealings

1. For sweaty boobs, try a frozen bra. Sounds weird, right? But if you happen to live in a hot climate and are preggos in summer, then placing your bra in the freezer to cool it down will be the pregnancy hack you didn’t realise you needed.

2. For hard-to-do-up jeans, try a hair elastic. If you’re not in the mood to buy maternity jeans, then try this trick. Simply take a hair elastic and tie it around the button of your jeans to add a little bit of give to your fave pants. Great for postpartum too!

Pregnancy hacks hair elastic trick
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3. For reaching items, get a grabber. Never bend down again. Other cool items to pick up at your local dollar store include a pair of tongs for reaching things in the shower and a bell for ringing your husband from the couch to inform him you’re hungry. Ding ding.

pregnancy hacks
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4. For comfortable naps, get a donut floatie. Not just great for floating in the pool, you can also use it to hold your belly if you’re missing sleeping on your stomach.

Pregnancy hacks belly sleep
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Aches and pains

5. For swollen feet, try tonic water. Not just great for gin, tonic water is ideal for reducing swelling in feet and ankles. The secret is the ingredient quinine.

6. For back and belly pain, try rock tape, also known as sports tape. There are special ways to wrap your tummy and other areas to help alleviate pain, including pregnancy pain. Check out Diary of a Fit Mommy – she has five awesome options for wrapping your belly.

pregnancy hacks with sports tape
Source: Diary of a Fit Mommy

7. For morning sickness, try Dry Ginger Ale. Okay, so theoretically this makes ZERO sense because there isn’t even ginger (a proven remedy for morning sickness) in Dry Ginger Ale. But, for some reason, it does work! I swear I lived on Dry Ginger Ale for the first 10 weeks of all three of my pregnancies.

8. For leg cramps, try munching on a banana. Another weird one, but having a banana with a glass of water can help get rid of those pesky leg cramps.

9. For itchy skin, try coconut oil. Actually, any oil from the pantry will do but coconut smells yummy and hopefully won’t remind you of dinner.

Study Finds That Fish Oil A Must For Pregnant Women
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10. For indigestion, try Apple Cider Vinegar. It tastes awful but it will aid in stomach upset immediately.

11. For pregnancy vulva veins and postpartum pain, try a condom filled with water. Filled with water and frozen, they’re the perfect shape to rest in between new mum’s legs and ease a bit of pain and swelling.

frozen condoms for post-birth
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For labour and postpartum

12. For getting labour started, try balsamic vinegar. There are plenty of foods that are meant to help bring on labour including pineapples and spicy foods. But there is something about balsamic vinegar that’s meant to speed things along.

What we especially like about this idea is that it won’t leave you bloated from too many pineapples or worried you might end up pooping out your spicy curry during labour. #ItHappens. 

13. For keeping your husband on the ball during labour, try a nerf gun. There are plenty of must-have items to pack in your hospital bag but this one wins in our books!

Simply load the bullets into the gun and shoot when necessary. For example, when your husband starts to doze off in the chair or complains about being sore.

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14. For postpartum pain, try post-baby padsicles, which are literally Aloe Vera smeared and then frozen on your Libra pad (or whatever brand you prefer). Perfect for soothing your very sore lady bits!

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There are plenty of pregnancy products on the market that are also great for helping you through the ups and downs of pregnancy – maternity pillows, pregnancy shorts, even tummy masks.

Be sure to check out our pregnancy section for more tips and tricks.

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