Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle are setting off on a giggle-icious live stage adventure these school holidays with Giggle and Hoot and Friends.

Join the much loved and mutli award-winning Giggle and Hoot ABC4Kids preschool program, focussing on preschooler’s lives and routines through songs, stories, friendship, laughter and imagination. The 50-minute stage spectacular, incorporating these themes, will be one of the most anticipated and hottest tickets for families this summer full of everyone’s favourite songs, dancing and of course fun and laughter.

But every adventure needs some friends, so joining Jimmy Giggle and the owls onstage is everyone’s favourite twins, the Bananas in Pyjamas, B1 and B2 who are now in their 22nd year and continue to be loved by children and parents globally.

For the first time ever on stage, joining the show will be Zap, Mimi and Jango from the very popular ABC4Kids show Hoopla Doopla. The three extraordinary characters, each with their own amazing physical skill; tumble, juggle, leap and somersault in and out of trouble. However, whenever anything goes wrong – and it usually does – they always have each other to fallback on.

So Owl Pals, get your giggle-tastic selves ready because tickets for Giggle and Hoot and Friends go on sale at 10am this Friday, September 12. For complete tour and ticketing details, visit: www.livenation.com.au

Giggle and Hoot and Friends Touring Dates:

PERTH:  Regal Theatre, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th – 10am and 12.30pm

ADELAIDE:  Her Majesty’s Theatre, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th – 10am and 12.30pm

For complete tour and ticket information, visit: www.abc.net.au/abcevents & www.livenation.com.au

Giggle and Hoot

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  1. My daughter has loved Hoot,Hootabelle and Jimmy Giggle since she was 9months old.

  2. kathy clark Reply

    My Daughter loves Giggle as she Hoots with laughter whenever she watches him

  3. Kylie Travis Reply

    Jimmy Giggle! She loves watching him dance *Do the Funky Ooowl, hoot hoot!* 🙂 This would be so much fun for her!

  4. shelbyward Reply

    My daughter calls herself Georgiabelle so she can be like Hootabelle – that’s her fave!

  5. Dianne Childs Reply

    My son is a massive Hoot fan. He’d be so excited to see Hoot live on stage!

  6. My tiny princess finds Giggle quite entertaining and ‘giggles’ at all his silly jokes.

  7. Johanne Stone Reply

    My little Miss loves Giggle’s Giggling – she just starts Giggling

  8. Tracey Ibbott Reply

    Hoot for my son & hootabelle for my daughter. They love them

  9. Louise Baida Reply

    My daughter would love to see Jimmy Giggle. She adores him.

  10. Jess Claes Reply

    My son is a bit young (1) for a favourite, but he loves the music, as soon as it starts he bee-lines for the TV and doesn’t make a peep until the show is over. He also likes the bright colours and different activities they all do!

  11. My son would love to see Jimmy Giggle – he just loves his singing and dancing and always joins in 🙂

  12. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    He enjoys them all but I think Hoopla Doopla may just get him that bit excited! hehe

  13. my kids would love to see all of the characters in the show!! i would certainly be the best mum in the world if they got to go!!!!!!!

  14. Lisa Perriam Reply

    My daughter loves Hoot and Hootabelle, especially when they are singing and dancing

  15. Valerie Wee Reply

    My girl won’t stop watching Hoot in the tv show. She loves Hoot. 🙂

  16. John Halls Reply

    My granddaughter, Levayah, loves Hootabelle and grabs her toy and cuddles it whenever the show is on.

  17. We love Jango the Joker from Hooplah Dooplah because he is always playing tricks on all the other characters! Slapstick comedy for toddlers is the best!

  18. My ltitle boy loves singing along with the songs so I think that is what would thrill him most – seeing them live!

  19. My nearly 11 month old, stops in his tracks every time the music starts. Not sure which one he likes yet.

  20. Tracey Ralph Reply

    Hootabelle with all the fine fellas, would be what we’re want’n

  21. My daughter is totally in love with hoopla doopla. She has attended gymnastics from the age of 2.5 years and at a few weeks from turning 5 it is still her passion.

  22. Holly-Anne Reply

    Hootabelle for my 3 year old but my 11 month old loves the giggle and hoot music and all the characters

  23. Louise Dyson Reply

    My daughter loves Hoopla Doopla & would love to see them with Jimmy Giggle a close second

  24. Ledam Nguyen Reply

    my daughter who love giggle and hoot since they first appeared on television

  25. My daughter loves hootabelle. She stops whatever she does when giggle and hoot comes on

  26. Annie r Burton Reply

    My lil man loves Hoot, and all the songs they sing, especially about the giggle mobile and giggleasaurus.

  27. My 2yo and 1yo boys love Hoot and their favorite song is giggleasaurus

  28. Alison Potter Reply

    My grand daughter Grace would love to see Hootabelle 🙂

  29. Mine would be excited to see Hootabelle as they light up everytime she comes on screen!

  30. Jen Longshaw Reply

    My Niece would love to see everyone, especially Hootabelle!

  31. My daughter is in love with Hootabelle and crazy about the Banana’s in Pajamas! She would absolutely LOVE the chance to see them

  32. My 2 yr old sings along with pretty much every song!! She is so in love with Hoot, Jimmy and Hootabelle!!

  33. we just love Hoot – its one of the only words our littlest will say

  34. Kirstin Blair Reply

    Both of my daughters love Hoot, they love his voice and his cheekyness

  35. Kristie Cubbin Reply

    The kids would be looking forward to seeing super giggle and super hoot save the day!

  36. The kids LOVE Giggle & Hoot & can’t wait to see them again!!!

  37. The famous Hoot, of course! They love Jimmy, and the newer Hootabelle, but Hoot is their favourite character of any show at the moment!

  38. Sandra Clogstoun Reply

    My girls adore Jimmy Giggle. They always sing with him and know all the words!

  39. Leanne Bauerle Reply

    My son would love to see Jimmy Giggle and Hoot and would love to sing along to their songs

  40. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    Jimmy Giggle, with Hoot and Hootabelle, They love them!!!

  41. My 1 year old is entirely obsessed with Jimmy Giggle, but weirdly only when he is in his yellow pajamas!

  42. Tarlee Simpson Reply

    My daughter loves hoot and hootabelle, like jimmy giggle, wants to see mimi, zap and jango from hoopla doopla and b1 and b2 and the gang really wanna take her but i cant afford the tickets 🙁 she been sayibg hoot concert

  43. jackie shiels Reply

    My 19 month old daughter would go crazy to see giggle and hoot and hootabelle and her
    most favorite bananas in pajamas

  44. Melissa Ridgeway Reply

    My daughter absolutely adores Hootabelle, with Hoot and Jimmy Giggle a very close second and third. She loves those three more than any other characters on tv 🙂

  45. Janet Martin Reply

    Massive bananas in pajamas fans in my house, my kids would go nuts

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