Put Some Sizzle Into Your Love Life

What if you could keep your sex life at a constant simmer, ready to explode with the touch of a finger or wink of an eye, without dressing up like a French maid or handcuffing your partner to the bed?

Those bedroom activities are fun, but some of the best ways to keep the heat in your love life happen outside of the bedroom. It’s all about stepping beyond your comfort zone to bring excitement, danger and intense thrill into your lifestyle.

Your Brain on Sex

Do you remember those commercials that showed a hand cracking an egg into a sizzling frying pan while a dramatic announcer stated, “this is your brain on drugs”? Sexual attraction has such a powerful impact on your brain that you could change that commercial to state, “this is your brain on sex.”

Do you remember that instant rush of lust that reddened your cheeks and wet your mouth the first time you saw your lover in a romantic light? That instant surge of attraction was the egg, and your exciting love life was the sizzling frying pan. Studies have shown that sexual attraction stimulates the brain much the same way as drugs like cocaine, and it’s all set in motion by a rush of cortisol and adrenaline telling your brain to get excited.

Neurotransmitters start firing off in the brain the moment you lock eyes with a sexually-desirable mate because the human body is wired to procreate. When your frying pan starts to lose the sizzle, you need to create a surge of adrenaline and cortisol to naturally increase your desire for sexual pleasure.

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Frying Pan Sizzle

Cortisol is your body’s natural response to stress. Adrenaline is your body’s natural response to danger. When you first lock eyes on someone you find sexually attractive, your brain translates that desire the same as it would the fast-approaching ground after you jump out of a plane.

Here are some simple couple’s activities that will get those neurotransmitters exploding and hormones flowing:

  1. Hire a personal trainer, join a gym or sign up for a couple’s yoga class. Exercise releases endorphins which stimulate sexual desire and increase blood circulation throughout the body, including to the genitalia. Make it a point to watch, touch and kiss one another as much as possible during these sessions. Training for and completing a 5K or half marathon will deliver positive stress to stimulate cortisol and adrenaline while adding bonding time to your daily life.
  2. Face your biggest fears together. If you’re terrified of spiders, spend some time in close quarters with tarantulas and force yourself to touch one. If your partner is scared of heights, make skydiving or bungee jumping your next date. You can also get your blood pumping in haunted houses or by including a swim with the dolphins or up-close encounter with sharks in your next holiday. If it scares you, it’s perfect for date night!
  3. Join a co-ed adult tennis team or play another sport together. The action of competitive sports simulates danger, and your body reacts with the same flight-or-fight response that comes with a healthy rush of adrenaline. Win or lose on the field, you’ll score at home.
  4. Chase one another around the track with dirt bikes, buggies or race cars. The intense speed and danger or flying around curves will send your adrenaline and cortisol levels through the roof. You can find family-friendly race tracks in most large cities. If you want to experience the real thing, many professional race tracks hold events where fans can ride around the track with a professional driver at top speeds. If you’re planning a holiday, look for opportunities to race over sand dunes riding buggies or fly down mountains on skis.
  5. If speed is too much for your heart, enjoy a horseback ride together. If you aren’t accustomed to riding horses, it may give your brain enough stimulation to put some sizzle in your pan. Not to mention what the mere thought of Mr Darcy on horseback will do for your imagination!
  6. Take your palate off the beaten path. Instead of cooking your man yet another steak dinner, create an exotic meal with frog legs, squid or oysters. Anything that you are not accustomed to eating and which may make your stomach squirm is a good menu item for this unique dinner. You may also throw in oysters and other foods known to excite the libido.

Yes, you will have to step out of your comfort zone to do some, if not all, of these activities. You are changing your lifestyle to include more heart-racing fun in order to enjoy the sexual side effects. It’s a walk on the wild side for the everyday couple.

If you’re up for the challenge, pick an activity and get started!

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