The Wine Gods Deliver! Wine Advent Calendar Hits Australia

On the 12 days of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Screw the doves. Stuff the partridge in a pear tree. Bring on the wine instead!

Thanks to the Wine Gallery and their 12 Wines of Christmas, you can make this Christmas the jolliest one yet. Because, who gives their true love a partridge for Christmas anyway?

Wine for Christmas? Yes, please!

The wine gods must have heard our cries and complaints after discovering ALDI’s Advent Wine Calendar is not available in Australia (seriously ALDI, get your sh*t together and ship over that wine advent calendar ASAP).

mum central

Rather than make mums go without perfectly wrapped bottles of wine this Christmas, the Wine Gallery stepped in with their clever 12 Wines of Christmas idea. The Australian company have a dozen wines for mums and dads to try in the lead-up to Christmas. And they deliver Australia wide!

While the exact selections in the Wine Advent Calendar remains a secret, the Wine Gallery assure us they’ve got “all your festive season needs covered with the perfect mixture of reds, whites, sparklings, and rosé.”

mum central

Plus, each box also includes a few bonus gifts, including Christmas recipes, wine pairings, tasting notes and tasting mats. There’s a few more secrets inside, but the little Wine Gallery elves are keeping hush on what they are exactly.

Wine for the Christmas win!

You can pre-order your Wine Advent Calendar online for $285, which equates to $23 per bottle. Sure, it might be a touch on the expensive side (if you, like me, prefer the $7 variety of wine), but, you deserve it. So spoil yourself. And your liver. Or go in with your fave mum friends and toast each other for the marvellous job you’re all doing with your kids. It’s Christmas, after all.

If you’re a wine drinker, then you may also enjoy this study that proves TWO glasses of red wine a night help shed the kilos. So bring on the Christmas wine… and the skinny jeans!

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