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Globber Primo Foldable Scooter Review – it Folds, it Lights Up and it was a Winner!

Is a foldable scooter on your list of things to buy this year? Whether buying for a birthday or as a Christmas gift, the award-winning Globber Primo Foldable Scooter will definitely light up more than just the streets!

Watch your little one’s eyes light up with excitement as they zip to the park and beyond with this perfect preschooler scooter from one of the most trusted brands in scootering – Globber!

Globber three-wheel foldable scooter
Meet the three-wheel scooter that grows with your tot – the Globber Primo! Source: Supplied

We asked the adorable three-year-old William (the tot in the pic above) to test drive the award-winning three-wheel foldable scooter.

William and his mum, Jess, took to the Sydney streets to give the Globber a red hot go.

Here’s what the adorable William had to say:

It looks great, I loooove my scooter. It’s very special”

Globber Primo three-wheel scooter review
William mastered the scooter in just minutes. Source: Supplied

And it wasn’t just William who loved it. As Jess tells Mum Central,

I love the 2 front wheel design and the overall visual and safety aspects of the scooter. You can tell it’s quality just by looking at it. I will definitely be recommending this scooter (and brand) to friends and family. It is sturdy, with well thought out design and functionality, along with fun features for the kids to enjoy.”
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Check out the amazing features of the Globber Fold up scooter. Source: Supplied

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Globber Foldable Scooter Review 

Like most preschoolers, William loves ALL things that go, go, go. However, Jess told us that William had never ridden a scooter before. She was a little concerned that he wouldn’t be able to master the skill and end up frustrated. But, fortunately, this wasn’t the case at all!

Globber Primo Scooter Review - foldable scooter for preschoolers
And he’s off! William took to his Globber straight away. Source: Supplied

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Globber Primo Foldable Scooter

Globber Primo Foldable Scooter
Easy to Transport10.0
Easy to Ride10.0
Price Point8.0

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Easy riding and steering

One of the things that really stood out for Jess was just how easy it was for William to ride. It comes with a unique steering system so that the two front wheels can be fixed to only move forward and backwards. It’s the scooter version of training wheels.

This helps kids gain the confidence to balance and push. Once they’ve mastered it, you can unlock the steering and enable learn-to-steer riding.Globber Scooter review

Source: Supplied

The 2 wheels at the front make it very stable and not easily prone to falling over. William got the hang of it quickly (within minutes) and I think the sturdiness really helped with that.”

Light up the street

Globber’s Primo scooter series has always been popular with toddlers, kids and teens and has won a number of awards over the years. But the Primo Foldable Lights scooter is an even bigger winner for kids as it comes with flashing lights on the wheels.

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Flashing light – woot woot! Source: Supplied

The first thing William noticed about the scooter were the flashing lights! That’s definitely a highlight for him. Sometime he pushes it around just so he can watch the lights flash.”

Globber Primo foldable scooter review
The wide base and grips for little feet are great for preschoolers learning to scoot. Source: Supplied

A three-wheel scooter that grows with your child

While William is only three now, he will be able to use it for years and years to come. Globber Primo Scooters are designed for 3 to 6-year-olds and can support a body frame of up to 50kg.

The handlebars are also adjustable so the scooter will easily grow with him. They are also made of a rubber material making it comfortable and easy to hold and grip. The board where you place your feet is also rubber with grooves adding that extra level of grip and safety.”

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Adjustable handlebars ensures the Globber grows with your tot. Source: Supplied

You can pick the Primo Foldable Lights Scooter up in a number of bright colours too – navy blue, lime green, neon pink, teal, red or sky blue (like William’s).

Foldable fun

But for Jess, by far one of the best things about the Globber Primo was how compact and lightweight it is. Simply press a button and viola – the scooter folds to easily fit in any car or small storage space.

Globber Primo review
The Globber Primo easily fits in any car boot. Source: Supplied

The scooter folds easily, and is quite compact when folded, making it easy to pop in the boot without taking up much space at all. William even hid it under our bed so his little brother wouldn’t find it!

It’s currently easily stored in the boot, alongside a double pram, ready for our next adventure. It would even fit in the back of the car under the kids feet if needed.”

And when William wanted to run ahead instead of ride, Jess said it was also incredibly easy to carry.

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Source: Supplied

Discover the world on wheels 

For William and Jess, the Globber Primo Foldable Lights Scooter ticked ALL the boxes. William plays with it nearly every day, both indoors and out, and is already getting quicker and more confident.

It’s been a game-changer for park trips that used to take forever! Now he simply jumps on his scooter and off he goes!

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The Globber Primo is sure to be a hit with your preschooler. Source: Supplied

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This is a sponsored review for Globber. All opinions are those of the reviewer. The reviewer was not paid for this campaign.
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