29 Glorious Game of Thrones Baby Names That Aren’t Khaleesi

Winter is here.  Dragons are in full force. And Jon Snow is looking sexier (and more alive) than ever, man bun and all.

So we figured it’s the perfect time to put together a list of sweet, powerful and useable baby names for all Game of Thrones fans out there.

The end of the war between fire and ice may be nearing… but we have a feeling these Game of Thrones baby names will reign in playgrounds for decades to come. By now you all know Jaime, Cersei, Dany, Robb, Catelyn, Ygritte, Sansa and Jon, so we’re going beyond the wall to take you into uncharted GoT name territory.

All these characters made an appearance (or several) on the show over the past seven glorious seasons. And all of them have that special something about them. Whether dark and powerful, strong and mighty or short and sweet, these Game of Thrones names are sure to set your baby name list alight.

Names Inspired by the Game of Thrones GreatsGame of Thrones baby names

These characters are not only alive and well, but have become firm fan favourites.

Arya – Let’s start with Arya, which has seen a steady incline up the baby names charts thanks to Arya Stark. It may be short, but the name is certainly feisty, just like the character.

Brienne – Who doesn’t love Brienne of Tarth? She’s probably one of our top ten characters and her name is just as powerful and unique as she is.

Samwell –  Kind and sweet, Samwell has made a massive impact on Game of Thrones fans (kind of like Hodor… but we won’t discuss that heartbreak today). The name brings a wee bit of Westeros into the baby name game and makes an excellent alternative to the more popular, Samuel.

Jorah –  Meaning “first rain”, the name Jorah is as refreshing as they come. And, although exiled by his family, Ser Jorah continues to make us smile on screen, even when he’s covered in stone (or ice).

Aryen – An alternative to Aaron, this name is perfect for any parent who prefers House Targaryen. Aryen, after all, is a shortened form of Targaryen.

Snow – Is there any name more cool and classic GoT than Snow? Of course, it pays homage to Jon Snow, but it also has that whole “ice” motif happening.

More Main Character Names to Consider

Some characters we love… others we are hoping will meet their demise under Dany’s fire breathing babies. But, even if we don’t rate the character, their names are worth rescuing from the ashes.

Theon – Love the name Theo? How about adding an ‘n’ to the end in honour of Theon Greyjoy? I think we can all agree that Theon is a better option than Reek… or Ramsay for that matter.

Euron – Another Greyjoy with a taste for senseless killing, Euron is kind of a jerk, but his name is cute. Euron means “golden” in Welsh, perfect for a little golden haired boy or girl.

Ellaria – Named after Prince Oberyn’s love who is now locked in a cell under Cersei’s control, Ellaria is both mysterious and elegant. It also makes a more contemporary alternative to Ella.

Yara – Yara isn’t winning any popularity contests, but her name is certainly worth adding to your shortlist. It comes with several meanings including “small butterfly” and “water lady”.

Asha – Although not in the TV series, we think the name Asha is also worth a mention. Fiery and feisty, the name Asha means “hope” or “desire” and is Yara’s name in the books.

Baby Names Beyond The Wall (and Grave)

Myrcella - Game of Thrones baby names

Sure, these characters may be dead, but they can still offer inspiration when selecting a baby name.

Myrcella – The sweetest of the Lannister clan, Myrcella is a vibrant and graceful option for any blossoming bundle of joy.

Khal – Strong and mighty, Khal is a cute change of pace to Cal. You can almost guarantee your little one is going to dominate the playground, especially sharing his name with Khal Drogo.

Oberyn – Not only is Oberyn a GoT name, but it is also used by Shakespeare in Midsummer’s Nights Dream, thus perfect for parents wanting to reference both pop culture and classic literature.

Lysa – The name Lysa is considered a form of Elizabeth, but with that classic GoT touch to it (named after Catelyn’s sister, Lysa).

Shae – She was a regular in Tyrion’s bed and, although she is long gone, her name continues to sizzle with a seductive charm.

Renly  – Soft and sweet, the name has a touch of beauty and elegance to it.

Talisa – The Red Wedding seems like a distant memory, but the name Talisa continues to glow, even after all that bloodshed.

Lyanna – Lyanna means ‘God has answered’ and the name has pretty much been immortalised thanks to GoT. Kind of like the White Walkers. But not so creepy. Or dead.

Mace – Inspired by Mace Tyrell, that grumpy looking old dude, Mace is actually a knightly name. It is a weapon used in battle.

Olenna – Love her or loathe her, Olenna was a strong character on the show… and her name comes with this same powerful connotation.

Nymeria – One of the Sand Snakes (the eight bastard daughters of Oberyn), Nymeria is another name that glistens with mystical prowess.

Minor Characters with Majorly Cute Names

GoT baby names

You may have a hard time remembering these characters, but their unique names are sure to have a lasting impact.

Talla – Meaning “wolf” in Native American, Talla is the name of Samwell Tarly’s sister.

Jory – If you like the name Jorah, then you may also love the sound of the name Jory, which comes from Jory Cassel, the captain of Lord Eddard Stark’s household guards at Winterfell.

Jaqen – Arya has made quite a few little mates on her travels including Jaqen. We love this name which may be currently off the baby name radar but full of whimsical charm.

Mycah – Another friend of Arya, the name Mycah is an alternative to the more popular Micah, meaning ‘Gift from God’.

Meera – Bran’s mate, Meera, was dismissed pretty quickly, but the name deserves a second look. It means “prosperous” and is as pretty as it is powerful.

Elia – Another Dorne name, Elia is the sister of Prince Oberyn and has that elegant vowel thing going on.

Jeyne – Nothing plain about the name Jeyne, which is inspired by Jeyne Poole, a friend of Sansa Stark and daughter of Vayon Pool.

We hope you enjoy our round up of Game of Thrones baby names as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Have a look at our 11 baby names inspired by TV shows for more pop culture choices.

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