Good things often come in threes. Especially when they are as O-so-adorable as the O’Leary triplets.

Prepare for a cuteness overload as we introduce you to Macy, Toby and Sadie – three little beauties who not only shared a uterus, but also share the same colour of hair, a gorgeous shade of rare and radiant red.

This redheaded threesome is sure to brighten your day.

O'Leary triplets photo

Hazel & Cass redhead triplets photo shoot

Macy, Toby and Sadie O’Leary may only be four weeks old, but they are already lighting up social media with their super sweetness and signature fiery locks.

The New Zealand newborns – two girls and a boy – recently took part in a photo session that delivers the ginger goods!

O'Leary triplets

New Zealand O'Leary triplets

Triple the Cuteness

Cassandra English, a photographer from Christchurch, captured the cuteness and shared the stunning photos of the O’Leary triplets to her Facebook page, Hazel&Cass. Videographer Emma Smart joined Cassandra on the day to film a bit of the behind the scenes sweetness. If you ever wondered how photographers get those stunning newborn shots, you need to watch this!

As expected, the world has fallen head over heels for these adorable redheaded triplets. In addition to their gorgeous ginger hair, the sibling threesome also share a love of cuddles, especially with each other. In fact, Macy, Toby and Sadie are already inseparable!

“You always try to get individual shots but in this case I couldn’t,” says Cassandra. “Every time I’d take one baby away, they would stir. Then when you put them back together again, they would settle. It was quite amazing actually.”

New Zealand triplets first photo shoot

O'Leary babies New Zealand triplets

Cassandra, with the help of her sister, Maddison Daly, managed to photograph the triplets in a number of adorable positions with various props.

Cassandra even included the triplet’s big brothers, Archy and Ollie in the photoshoot. Clearly the sibling bond (and the ginger gene) is strong in this family!

O'Leary triplets and big brothers

Whether asleep or awake, the O’Leary triplets from New Zealand are a picture of newborn perfection.

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Images and video via Hazel&Cass


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