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WIN 1 of 2 Epic Summer Fun Prize Packs Valued at $250 Each

We’re officially on the countdown to Christmas and summer holidays which means week after week with the kids at home. Whether this is music to your ears or sends you into a mild panic (or perhaps a bit of both!), we’ve got you covered thanks to Wahu and Goliath Games!

Banish the boredom and get them enjoying the best summer has to offer with one of these epic prize packs featuring a sleigh full of indoor and outdoor toys for the whole family.

Send off 2020 with world-class fun thanks to this epic Summer Fun Prize Pack from Wahu and Goliath Games.

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We’ve got TWO prize packs, valued at $250 each, jam-packed full of thinking games, board games, pool games and outdoor games for everyone … from preschoolers to teens, and adults too.

Simply check out the video below to find the answer to the question below and you’re in the running to win!

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Now, let’s get down to business.  Here’s our top picks for indoor and outdoor games this summer, all of which you can WIN!

Indoor toys from Goliath Games – something for everyone

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Gator Golf”]

Perfect for: LOLs with your little ones!

Gator Golf (RRP $35) was one of my faves as a kid and guess what?! It’s back! Yep, we can revisit this classic with our own kids and turn the backyard or living room into a pint-sized putting session. Get ready for plenty of belly laughs as the cheeky gator swallows the ball and flips it out with his tail.

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”Game of Sequence”]

Perfect for: Family time

In our house, 2020 was literally brought to you by the Game of Sequence (RRP $25) – it’s quick, challenging and doesn’t result in massive fights between the kids.  Sequence is a card game/board game combo that is perfect for kids 6+ and adults too. Play individually or in teams.

Game of Sequence

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Rubik’s Race”]

Perfect for: One on one time with older kids

Another classic for older kids, Rubik’s Race (RRP $25) is ideal for kids 6+ and allows you to play against them in a fast-paced race to complete the Rubik’s challenge. It’s really easy to play, ideal for at home or to take with you on holidays (camping, on car rides, etc) and perfect for those who like a challenge.

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”Rubik’s Cube”]

Perfect for: Quiet time

Every child should have the chance to try and solve a Rubik’s Cube (RRP $19). Some will do it straight away, some will solve it after watching countless YouTube videos on how to understand the algorithm. And some will try and try and try for hours and hours and hours. And hours.

Whatever the case, the Rubik’s Cube is always a challenge, great for quiet time, and also a fun way to prove to your children you’re actually a maths genius by solving it for them. If you can.

Outdoor fun with Wahu – Beach, backyard and beyond! 

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Wahu Backyard Cricket and/or Wahu Soccer Set”]

Perfect for: Afternoons in the backyard

Enjoy some outdoor play with the whole family with Backyard Cricket or Soccer. Wahu Backyard Cricket (RRP $50) set is an excellent option with a durable PVC cricket ball, a lightweight PVC cricket bat with a rubber handle, three stumps, and a water-fillable base for stump stability.

The Wahu Soccer Set (RRP $30) is equally as awesome for budding soccer stars and comes with a pop-up soccer set, ball and carry-bag. Great for the park, beach, camping grounds … anywhere really!

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Wahu Cricket or Soccer – pick your passion!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Wahu Bash Set”]

Perfect for: Outings with the family

Cool off with Wahu Bash (RRP $25), one of our fave summer games. Bash includes two waterproof bats and two bouncy neoprene balls. The trick is to see how long you and your kids can volley one or both balls back and forth. It’s great for backyard play but you can play it anywhere – sand, water, grass, bitumen. Just remember, wherever you go, don’t forget Bash!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Wahu Surfer Dude”]

Perfect for: Ocean play

Surf’s up for this little ripper of a dude. He actually surfs too – how fun! Throw him into the surf and watch him shred some waves. There are a whole collection of Surfer Dudes (RRP $25) – and all come with funky unsinkable foam boards and plenty of ‘tude.

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Water fun for days – Wahu Surfer Dude, Bash Set and Memory Dive Sticks

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Wahu Memory Dive”]

Perfect for: Pool play

Keep them diving for hours with another staple product for around the pool – Wahu Memory Dive (RRP $20). Load each canister with a numbered ball, then toss it into the pool! Send the kids diving to retrieve them and see who collects the most points. They dive – you supervise. Pool perfection!

WIN Summer with Wahu 

Regardless of where your summer holidays take you – the beach, the pool, the park, the backyard – Wahu’s range of toys are sure to bring hours and hours of fun to the family.

You can see some of the range of Wahu toys in action in the video: (Be sure to watch to the end as you’ll need to watch it to enter the comp below):

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Pair your outdoor play with Goliath Game’s great range of thinking and board games and you’re in for a great summer, even if the year wasn’t all that awesome.

Great toys, great gifts, great prizes 

If you’re on YouTube, be sure to also subscribe to Talkin’ Toys for more offers, discounts and hot new toys. They’ve also got plenty of great competitions on the go, definitely worth checking out!

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But wait, there’s more!

To help you make the most out of summer, we’ve got a great offer!  Head to the Wahu website and receive 30% off ANYTHING on their website! That’s a huge saving, just in time for Christmas.

Simply use the code TALKINTOYSXMAS at checkout.

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