Pink’s Daughter Willow Stuns with Incredible Singing Voice

Like mother, like daughter! Check out how grown up and amazingly talented Pink’s daughter Willow is as she debuts her singing voice with mumma Pink proudly by her side. 

You are probably familiar with Pink and her beautiful family. She’s got two kids – Willow and Jameson. Now, I swear it was only last week, Willow was about five, and Jameson a baby. But, apparently, I’ve been in a vortex for four years, cause Willow is actually NINE YEARS OLD now. 

So grown up and so pretty! 

Pink Willow Singing Jameson
How quickly did Willow and Jameson grow up!!?? Source: Instagram

Willow takes the stage

Pink and her grown-up girl shared the Christmas stage at the recent Disney Family Singalong special, and, you guys, Willow is AMAZING.

Goosebumps amazing!

Seriously, get this kid on The Voice STAT. You can see for yourself in the video below.

Pink starts off the song (beautifully, as always) before Willow takes over at the 1:19 minute mark (if you’re keen to skip through it). 

YouTube video

Willow singing WOWS us all!

Doesn’t she do a great job! It’s pretty crazy to think such a powerful voice is coming from a NINE YEAR OLD. But, Pink is her mum, after all. We bet these two do a lot of mother-daughter singalongs at home. Oh, to be a fly on the wall! 

We also love how she’s paired her spunky shaved hair cut with a Cinderalla-inspired gown and matching earrings too. The epitome of “punk rock princess”. Oh Willow, you’re already WAAAYY cooler than I’ll ever be! 

And check out how proud mama Pink looks as she passes the microphone to Willow! Naw, what a lovely little Christmas mother-daughter moment. #AlltheFeels

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