Traditional or Cool, Gramps or Grumps – a List of Grandparent Names!

You’ve named the baby, but what about the grandparents? Here’s a list of grandparent names to help you choose between Gramps and Grumps!

If you thought naming your baby was difficult, just you WAIT until you have to come up with names for your parents – particularly so if they’re first-time grandparents. So what will it be – a traditional Nanna and Pop or maybe Glam-ma and Grumps?

It’s a given that most expecting grandparents are SO beside themselves with joy that they’re happy to be called anything as long as they can plant a great big kiss on the baby’s cheek and spoil them rotten for all eternity. But does your hip, cool cat of a mum really want to be called Grandma? Have you dared to ask her what her preference is?

Here’s a list of names for grandparents you might not have considered. Or perhaps you have already decided and you need to convince the ACTUAL grandparents of their nickname. Good luck!

grandparent names
Grandpa and Grandma or Grumps and Grams?

The traditional grandparent names…

Keep it traditional and continue with names handed down from generations before. They can include:

  • Grandma and Grandpa
  • Granny and Pappy
  • Nan and Pop
  • Nanna and Pa
  • Nanny and Poppy
  • Grans and Pops
grandparent names
What’s your grandparent naming style? Source: Canva

Let the kids choose a name and make it cool..

This is living on the edge – let the kids decide what they want to call you (and cross your fingers it’s cool and not awks).

  • Puff G-Diddy and Glam-Ma
  • G-ma and G-pa
  • Grams and Grumps
  • Old Nanna and Old Pop
  • Mimi and Pipi
  • Gaga / Gigi and Pop Pop
  • G-ma and G-pa
  • Minnie and Popsicle
  • Grammy and Grumpy
  • Lady and Duke
  • King and Queen
grandparent names
Grandparents: an endless supply of love, spoiling and handing back when the sugar sets in. Source: Canva

Turn to your ancestral roots…

Take your heritage into account and give it a nod with a traditional grandparent name from your country of ancestral origin. This can be really sweet and an excellent talking point for kids as they get older and ask ALL the questions.

  • Oma and Opa (Germany)
  • Babushka and Dedushka (Russian)
  • Nonna and Nonno (Italian)
  • YiaYia and Pappous (Greek)
  • Mémère/Méme and Pépère/Papi (French)
  • Babcia and Dziadzia (Polish)
  • Abuelo and Abuela (Spanish)
  • Lola and Lolo (Filipino)
  • Mawmaw and Pawpaw (US)
  • Tutu (both genders, Hawaiian)
  • Kuia and Koro (New Zealand)
grandparent names
These two are most definitely fun-nan and fun-pa. Source: Canva

Proceed with caution…

Of course, there’s always the mispronunciation that can cement a nickname in place. Poppa can become Boppa, after all.

Confusion also plays a role. Which grandparent and where? Grandma who often gives sweets could eventually be called Lolly or your location can dictate your name – beach house Nanna for a classic example. Just tell Dad to be careful if he constantly sneaks the kids a silver coin. He mightn’t appreciate the name 50 Cent. #coolcat

Nonetheless, no matter the name, one thing I know for sure is that spoiling awaits!

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