Top Baby Name Stories of 2020

As we wrap up the year, we at Mum Central are looking back at some of the stories that our readers loved the most. We’ve discovered that many of our baby name posts are quite popular which is why we decided to put our top 10 baby naming stories in one place, for your viewing pleasure.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect name for your baby or simply love scouting out unique and cute monikers, these are the stories that our readers enjoyed the most.

Most popular names of 2020 

Popular baby names 2020 predictions
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Every year McCrindle puts together the most popular boys’ and girls’ names. 100 of each and every year you can bet your bottom dollar that the names Olivia, Charlotte Jack, and Oliver will make the top ten. Have a look at what other names were popular this year.

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Adorable vintage names 

vintage baby names
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These 25 vintage choices are extra spesh because they come with that old school, vintage feel without the overuse.

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Colour-inspired names 

colour baby names - blue If you want to add a little colour to your little one’s name, why not consider one of these sunny choices, inspired by the rainbow. Find out what each colour represents and choose from a whole spectrum of bright ideas, from Jade and Skye to Forest and Ebony.

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Three letter choices 

baby sleeping bear outfit

Opting for a short and sweet name is another cute naming trend we’re totally on board with. In addition to the popular options (Mia, Leo, Ava), we’ve rounded up several unique options (great for middle names too!).

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Top celebrity baby names of 2020

katy perry baby news

2020 brought us a whole slew of interesting choices from celebrities, including Katy Perry (baby Daisy Dove), Usain Bolt (Olympia Lightning Bolt) and Ed Sheeran (Lyra Antarctica). Check out the rest of them including the traditional names, the unique options, and the downright weird (X Æ A-12 Musk).

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Baby names with unfortunate meanings

mum central

Some names sound lovely but you may not know the meaning behind them. We’ve collected 30 names that fall into this category including Calvin, Cameron, Byron and Lilith.

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60 unique names no one is using (yet) 

mum centralNext, we have the names that you probably haven’t heard before but all come with that edgy vibe that millennial parents looking for something different are sure to love.

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Boho baby names

unique baby names

If you love all things bohemian, then perhaps you’d like to continue the trend with your baby? What better way to do so than by opting for a baby name that oozes with spiritual and artsy flair? Boho names are perfect for your wild child, inspired by things like flowers, fauna, gemstones, elements, animals, even spices.

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The naming tribes

Expected baby names to be popular 2020
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Did you know there is such thing as baby name tribes, based on your naming preference? Yep. 13 tribes to be exact including the Flower Power Tribe, the Royals and more.

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The top bogan baby names of 2020

bogan baby names 2020

Grab yourself a tin of JD and get ready to cringe at these bogan baby names. We’ve got 20 great contenders that are sure to have you shaking your head.

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Unfashionable baby names

unfashionable baby names, confused baby

We’ll end our baby name round-up with these unfashionable baby names – the names that no one is using anymore. We’re looking at you, Gary and Nigel.

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