8 Clever Grazing Board Ideas, Hints and Tips

Grazing boards, grazing platters, platter boxes or just plain ol’ platters. Whatever it is that you call a plentiful board filled with all of your favourite things to nibble on – we have some wonderful #grazeinspo here for you, including some delicious DIY hints and tips to put your platter ahead of the rest!

Let’s be frank, you can pull together a pretty epic grazing board with your fridge contents or you can go ALL out and make it a fancy pants delight. The secret to success is in the detail.

Grazing details make all the difference

Paying attention to detail doesn’t have to be tricky. Attention to detail can include things like choosing themed ramekins, dishes and boards (such as hearts or stars), threading small foods onto cocktail sticks, using little name signs to label cheese types, how you cut your produce in shapes or on angles and even how you arrange your small goodsscroll on down to see how to make the very popular salami rose. So pretty! So tasty!

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Details, details, details. HEART SHAPED CHEESE. Source: Instagram @grazersbymareena

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these 10 grazing ideas and plush platters of all sizes. Prepare to get hungry!

1. Grazing with heart

grazing ideas
I’m all heart eyes for this sweet grazing box! Source: Instagram @ohgrazeni

You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, as it turns out, that’s the way to ANYONE’S heart. So if you’re planning on a special something with your partner, BFF or just want to show yourself some love, may I suggest a themed graze… with hearts cut from cheese and heart shape pretzels. #SWOON

2. On-the-go grazing with charcuterie cups

If it’s a crowd you’re catering for and you want to keep things tidy and contained, try these super cute grazing cups – everyone simply takes a cup to snack on! Too easy, just look at how easily they come together. You can buy a Kmart 16 pack Sugarcane Pulp Cups for just $3. Score!

3. A pink and white sweet grazing delight

NAILED IT. Perfect for baby showers and birthdays! Source: Instagram @_grazeevents

Holy sugary goodness, dentists LOOK AWAY. The perfect example of picking a colour theme and sticking with it, this pink and white grazing delight! Choose biscuits, lollies, baked goods and sweet chocolates all in the same colour hue for maximum effect.

4. Dessert grazing – Krispy Kreme come at me

grazing ideas
Not just for Valentine’s day, Krispy Kreme for ANY DAY! Source: Instagram @decadent delights

Dessert grazing is also a popular trend and the BEST thing about dessert grazing boards and boxes is a lot of it you can use shop-bought biscuits, chocolates, doughnuts and lollies to pull it together. There’s no fiddling with small goods, just arrange nicely and voila! Hot tip: Krispy Kreme make the best doughnuts in all of the land. They last well, taste great and look SMASHING. Plus they’re at a great price point. 

5. Grazing boxes for kids!

@amazing_grazers #ad These mini grazing boxes feat. Perfection Fresh Qukes® baby cucumbers are perfect for the kids! 🥒 #qukes #perfectionfresh #mumcentral #australia ♬ original sound – Amazing Grazers

What’s more fun than creating gorgeous grazing spreads for a crowd? Making mini grazing boxes for kids. A sure-fire way to get kids chowing down on fresh vegetables and fruit is to present it in an easy to eat way and these kids’ grazing boxes are PERFECT for that.

6. Add fresh herbs to your graze

grazing ideas
Don’t be afraid to fill in holes with fresh herbs. They smell AMAZING. Source: Instagram @grazecheshire

Adding fresh herbs to a grazing board is a clever idea, as even though we may not EAT them, we SMALL them – and they’re also gorgeous pops of green to the eye. Every time someone brushes that rosemary, thyme or mint with their hand, you’ll smell it, what a pleasure for the senses!

7. The vegetarian and vegan grazing board

grazing ideas
A stunning vegan and vegetarian-friendly grazing idea. Source: Instagram @yourplattermatters

No meat and no cheese? NO WORRIES. A bountiful board boasting a rainbow of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds is presented superbly with produce grouped in colourways. Eating the rainbow is so pretty!

8. The chocolate lovers graze

grazing ideas
Snickers, Rolos and Mint Aero bars, OH MY! Source: Instagram @_figandlemon

A celebration of ALL things chocolate, this grazing board is a chocolate-lovers DREAM. Perfect for movie night, grab all of your favourite chocolate bars, slice them into bite-size pieces and pair them with chocolate snacks and biscuits. Add a scattering of berries to break up the richness and help ease your conscience! YUM!

Check out these awesome grazing board tricks!

Our friend and grazing extraordinaire, Tanya of Amazing Grazers, has LOADS of awesome grazing tips to share on her Instagram and TikTok, including how to go the extra grazing mile in creating salami roses AND grape tomato hearts. SO CUTE.

Who knew creating salami roses could be so easy?

…and how to transform grape tomatoes into sweet hearts!


There you have it, folks, a board full of grazing inspiration, tips and tricks. Tell us, do you have any tried and true grazing tips of your own? We’d love to hear them, drop a comment below!

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