Graze Anatomy Masterclass: Your Ticket to Becoming a Grazing Board Guru!


Who wants to make show-stopping grazing platters to devour with friends over a cheeky glass of wine? WE DID! *thrusts hand in air*  We were lucky enough to be invited to attend a Graze Anatomy masterclass and frankly, we couldn’t get there quick enough. Because of #cheese.

Graze Anatomy masterclass
You can master the grazing board art just like this! Source: Ruby Red Star Events

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Watching the talented Tania Pradun of Amazing Grazers fame perform her magic in front of us, it becomes clear that last week’s half-eaten dip container and the packet of Jatz in the pantry cupboard aren’t going to do. I’m going to be lifting my platter game to dizzying new heights on the back of this class.

Tania knows her stuff. A master of the grazing game since 2016, she is pure joy to watch and a natural teacher as she tells us about her own grazing board journey. Prepare to laugh a lot!

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In the Graze Anatomy masterclass, you’ll learn all about the WHYs. Why you choose that particular cheese, or why a pear is placed in that spot on the board. Nothing Tania positions on her grazing board is by accident, every detail is thought about and she’s passionate as punch about it – and when you walk away from this masterclass, you will be too. Because of #grazinggoals.

AMazing Grazers masterclass
We are very smug grazing board creators! Source: Ruby Red Star Events

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We’re reminded that we all eat with our eyes first and that of course presentation is important. Tania shows us how to present different meats, the importance of height and colour and just how important it is to have a pear on a platter. Who even knew that a simple pear had such an important grazing board role? It can morph into crackers for Pete’s sake!

Once Tania talks us through product selection – ALL of which you can get locally and easily, Tania shows us board placement. Without a doubt, we’re ridiculously impressed by what she’s created. It’s a stunning arrangement of deliciousness, almost too pretty to eat. And then we get to have a turn!

Graze Anatomy masterclass
Tania teaching us all the tricks and voila! the finished grazing board!

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All masterclass attendees get their own pre-portioned grazing board set-up station. Your place at the table contains everything you need (food, utensils, gloves, wine, the lot!) to recreate Tania’s epic grazing board. Better yet, everything you pile on that board you will be taking home! AMAZING!

Graze Anatomy Masterclass
Everything you need arrives at your masterclass station! Source: Supplied.

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It’s both an entertaining and engaging learning experience, it really is. Plus, there’s grazing. And wine. And did I say grazing? YUM. Not only that, but you also get a host of goodies to enjoy on the day:

  • your very own wooden grazing board to take home
  • delicious, premium quality cheese and condiments to take home
  • a gorgeous cheese knife gift
  • grazing board cheat sheet and shopping list
  • wine and cheese refreshments to enjoy through the class

The Graze Anatomy masterclass runs for 2 hours and would be perfect for a bride-to-be’s kitchen tea with a difference or even a hen’s party activity.

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  • 11 July – 2-3pm LIVE ZOOM Masterclass ONLINE. Available to ANYONE, anywhere $39
  • 15 August – SOLD OUT
  • 26 September – SWEET Board
  • 25 October – Standard Masterclass
  • 14 November – XMAS Board

You’ll be SO impressed by your own efforts, the grazing board will become your new go-to, PROMISE.

Book your spot TODAY at the Graze Anatomy Masterclass table. Tickets are $150 each and everything is supplied on the day. You just need to bring yourself and be prepared for a great time!

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Graze Anatomy masterclass
Source: Ruby Red Star Events

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