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Could these ALDI Gin and Tonic Ice Blocks be Their Best Product Ever?

It’s no secret that at Mum Central we are big, big ALDI lovers.

From their awesome nappies to the rush of snow week, we are epic ALDI fans. But #stopthepress we think they’ve just launched their best product ever! And, if it’s even possible, we might just love them a little bit more…

Why? Well it’s all because of the news about their latest product. Their brand spanking new release is actually ALDI Gin and Tonic or Bellini flavoured popsicles! These iced delights are very ‘adults only’ packing a punch with 4.5% alcohol.

Available in two flavours (sold separately) Prosecco & Peach Bellini is described as a very popular summer cocktail which transforms perfectly into a frozen popsicle. Whilst Gin & Tonic is noted to have a zingy lemon twist in the form of an ice pop, sure to hit the spot on a warm summer day. We have to agree that both would be ‘a refreshingly cool way to start your party!’ ALDI, you speak our language.

Of course, like all ALDI’s awesome products they’re not just great quality but priced to be exceptional value. Both popsicles come in a pack of four for a converted Aussie dollar price of approximately $6.20. Bargain.

So far, they’re only available in Europe. But summer is still a few months away here in Oz… so, let’s hope anything’s possible…. Come on ALDI, Australia is ready to fill her freezer with your popsicle goodness. Cheers to that, hey mums? 

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