Trick-or-treating took a turn for the worst for a preschooler and her mum after the little girl accidentally ate a prescription pill used to treat schizophrenia. 

The three-year-old discovered the pill in a ziplock bag stashed with her Halloween lollies.

According to 7News, Abby Van Der Spuy and her mum, Tara Robe were out trick-or-treating and enjoying the Halloween festivities in Bacchus Marsh, northwest of Melbourne.

As Abby snacked on her treats, she came across the pill and, unaware of what it was, swallowed it.

Halloween pill scare for Melbourne family 

According to reports, Abby swallowed, Seroquel, a widely prescribed medication used to treat bipolar, schizophrenia and, in lower doses, sleep disorders.

Around 8 pm her mum and an eye witness noticed Abby started to zone out and turned pale.

“When she was standing on the ground she was wobbling,” an eyewitness said.

Tara immediately called for an ambulance and the pair spent the night in Sunshine Hospital, both still dressed in their Halloween attire.

Medication mix-up

It is unclear how exactly the bag of medication got mixed up in the trick-or-treating bag but Tara tells the Herald Sun.

“I thought she was choking on the lolly. Then she showed me a packet of tablets and I went, these ‘don’t look like lollies’. I felt anxiety, sick in the belly.” – Tara Robe, Abby’s mum

Abby remained in hospital overnight and is in a stable condition.

No malicious intent

Although the incident is certainly scary, it would appear to be a one-off. In a statement, Victoria Police said:

Investigators have been told that the child may have ingested a prescription medication and are currently making inquiries as to how this happened.

At this stage in the early investigation, it is not believed there is any malicious intent surrounding this incident.”

Tara is now urging other parents to check their kids’ trick-or-treating loot before letting them dig in. We wish Abby a very speedy recovery and urge all mums to do a double-check of those lolly bags! I know I will.

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