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“I’m Not That Scared”. 12yo Bestie Raises $90,000+ for Ovarian Cancer Research

In a small Australian town, the power of friendship shines brightly in the face of adversity. Eleven-year-old Tirion Wilkinson has been courageously battling childhood ovarian cancer, a rare and challenging ordeal for someone so young. Her best friend, Chloe McKenzie-Matteson, in an extraordinary display of solidarity, has decided to shave her head to support Emma and raise awareness about ovarian cancer with her.  .

Instant besties and unbreakable bonds of friendship

Chloe moved to Yowie Bay in NSW when she was in year one. She quickly became good friends with Tirion. Now in year six, the duo have been best friends and inseparable ever since, sharing everything from school projects to dance classes. Tirion’s mum describes them as “two little powerhouses when they are together.”

“She was sitting on a seat alone, so I came to sit with her, and it built on that,” Tirion said.

The journey began when Emma was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer in December 2023 after months of unexplained symptoms. Her family, devastated by the news, rallied around her, as did the community. In the last six months, Tirion bravely underwent three separate surgeries and four rounds of chemotherapy.

But it was Chloe’s unique commitment that brought a new wave of support. Inspired by Tirion’s strength, Chloe wanted to do something significant to show her unwavering support. She decided to turn her act of love into a broader campaign to raise funds for cancer research, particularly focusing on treatments for children.

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“The first thing I said to myself was ‘I don’t think I’ll meet many friends like Chloe in my lifetime’ and I was very proud of her,” she told Ben Fordham when they were interviewed on 2GB on Friday.

“It means the world to me, if there’s anything I could say to her, it’s on bad days…she makes them feel way better,” Tirion added.

“She’s definitely not like most people, she’s very funny, kind…she’s got a lot of funny jokes,” Chloe said.

When Tirion started her treatment, Chloe was by her side, often accompanying her to the hospital. Seeing her best friend lose her hair due to chemotherapy was heart-wrenching for Chloe. This inspired her decision to not only support Emma by shaving her head but also to stand in solidarity with all children facing similar battles.

Chloe Steps Up

Twelve-year-old Chloe McKenzie-Matteson is a vibrant, compassionate young girl with beautiful long hair that reaches her belly. She has a fun sense of humour and a huge heart.

On May 8th, live on 2GB, Chloe will shave her hair to raise money for ovarian cancer research. She’s not concerned about chopping off her hair and quips in a YouTube video that the upside is she won’t have to wash it.

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“The other day at Westfield, we saw a girl with extremely long hair down to her knees. When I saw that I thought ‘I’m not making that big of a sacrifice,’” she said.

Through their story, Tirion and Chloe have taught their community and a broader audience about resilience, friendship, and the impact of compassionate actions. Their bond and Chloe’s bold gesture remind us that even in the darkest times, human connections and solidarity can light the way and make a substantial difference in the lives of those affected by serious illnesses.

As Tirion continues her fight, the support from Chloe and the community remains steadfast. The funds raised are contributing to ongoing research and support for other young patients, ensuring that the bravery of these young girls translates into hope and concrete help for many others. Their story is not just one of battling illness but also of profound friendship, love, and the indomitable human spirit.

Ovarian cancer donations poured in

When Chloe started raising money for ovarian cancer research, she began with a goal of $10,000. During their interview with Bed Fordham, the donations jumped to $32,000.

At the time of writing, donations are currently just over $93,4330; over 60% of the $150,000 goal. All money raised will go toward more testing and early diagnosis.

Listen to the interview below. So heartwarming and inspirational!

In a Facebook post, Tirion’s mum, Virginia, said, in April, that they were one treatment away from finalising Tirion’s treatment and were anticipating a scan in a few weeks to see if her cancer had gone into remission.

She expresses her pride in Chloe and her mum, Lauren, and how humbled she was when the pair approached her with Chloe’s offer to shave her hair and raise money.

Currently, there’s no early detection test for ovarian cancer, and by the time a diagnosis is made, it’s usually in the later stages.

Friends for life

Where some friendships suffer after a cancer diagnosis, the friendship between Tirion and Chloe demonstrates the extraordinary resilience, depth and support that can emerge from adversity. Their bond has only grown stronger, showing that even in the most challenging times, love and support can light the way.


Chloe’s selfless act is a powerful testament to their unbreakable connection. The strength of their friendship is a beacon of hope, reminding us that the ties we form in our youth can be among the most enduring and meaningful of our lives. Through their courage and compassion, these two girls have shown us that true friendship is a force that can uplift, heal, and inspire.

If you wish to donate to this dynamic duo, you can do so through this link.

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