Hammerbarn Madness! Bluey Gnomes Bring in the Big Dollarbucks

The Bluey universe has officially collided with our world thanks to the amazing collaboration between Bunnings and Bluey. Last weekend six Bunnings across Australia were transformed into the Bluey Bunnings, AKA Hammerbarn, bringing the animated cartoon to life.

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Of course, Hammerbarn became a Mecca of Bluey fun over the weekend with people flocking to stores, not just for the sand art but for the iconic Bluey gnomes on sale. If you’ve seen the Hammerbarn episode, you’ll know exactly why these Garden Gnome Husbands are so popular and for just $19 dollarbucks, they were a bargain!

Bluey gnomes
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We say ‘were’ because the collection sold out in record time. While there was a four-per-person limit on the Bluey gnomes, that didn’t stop them from finding new homes in hours. And where are the Blue gnomes going? Man will not doubt be displayed in gardens across Australia, but many more have found their way to eBay. And wait until you see what they are going for!

Cheese and crackers, those are expensive garden gnomes!

We ventured to Hammertban in South Australia over the weekend to watch the madness unfold and sure enough, after just four hours, the Husbands were all gone. Bunnings confirmed that the “sought-after product” had been snapped up by eager Aussies, stating the Hammerbarn collaboration had “exceeded expectations”.

Hammerbarn Bunnings
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“Our Bluey product range has been extremely popular over the weekend, with the Bluey garden gnomes (husbands) being the most sought-after product, causing all floor stock to sell out,” a spokesperson said.

“We are sorry to hear some customers missed out on a Bluey garden gnome this weekend.

There will be additional stock of the range dropping into selected stores soon and we are working hard to get this into stores as quickly as possible.”

Bluey gnomes find new home on eBay

If you don’t want to miss your chances of scoring a Bluey gnome, you can always head to eBay where the gnomes are selling like hotcakes. And for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! One listing for all four Bluey gnomes plus some other Hammerbarn merch is up to $1,300 on eBay.

Bluey gnomes on eBay
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Another set of four gnomes is currently going for $900 and you can find plenty of single Bluey gnomes for around the $200 mark – that’s quite the price spike from their $19 RRP. Even Bluey-themed pet toys, also sold at Hammerbarn (and non-Hammerbarn-themed-Bunnings) are selling for triple the amount on eBay.

Bluey gnomes on ebay
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While Aussies may have a second chance to grab a garden gnome, overseas Bluey fans are desperately trying to get their hands on the coveted collector’s item. Sure, shipping costs will be through the roof but hey, a new Husband may be worth it?

Bluey gnome frenzy
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If you didn’t get to Hammerbarn/Bunnings this weekend, there’s still time to check out the fun and hopefully score yourself a Hammerbarn tote bag. Every weekend in February, Bluey-themed activities include colouring walls, scavenger hunts and free kids D.I.Y. workshops.

A spokesperson for Bunnings also confirmed that the Bluey gnomes are meant to be coming back ASAP and that Bunnings is also “aware and disappointed” to see the Bluey products “being posted for resale at extremely inflated prices”.

“If you are unable to get a Bluey garden gnome this month, we are working with our supplier to get more into production and in-store this year,” they added.

Our dogs aren’t forgotten with a range of super cool dog toys. Source: Supplied
Enjoy the free face painting and craft activities. Source: Supplied

If you haven’t seen the Hammerbarn episode yet, you may want to take a quick look at ABC Kids cause it’s a goodie! The Blue Heeler family head to Hammerbarn and the whole experience was so incredibly relatable to what pretty much every trip to Bunnings is like with kids. Bandit’s there for a pizza oven, but, of course, they leave with a trolley full of stuff they don’t need including new “Husbands” for the girls – the Bluey gnomes.

We absolutely love Bluey and this collab may be the best thing we’ve seen come out of the hit TV show so far. Of course, this isn’t the first time Bluey has escaped our TVs and come into our worlds. Check out this epic Bluey AirBnB located in Brisbane. You’ll also be able to step into the Blueyverse later this year when Bluey’s World comes to Brisbane.

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