Sneak Peek into the First Ever Bluey Video Game, Coming Soon!


Hold on to your remote controls because the official Bluey video game will be released on 17 November 2023. Just in time for Christmas. This is your chance to dive into the Heeler world, explore Bluey’s home, and take your love of Bluey to expert level.

Game on! 

Here’s what we know about the anticipated Bluey video game so far:

It’s for all ages.

One of the key features of the game is that it’s suitable for all ages which, we assume includes our younger audience. While video games and preschoolers don’t really go hand in hand, we’re curious to see if Bluey changes that. My prediction is that the game is designed for parents and kids to play and explore together.

We’re also curious to see if the Bluey video game will hit a soft spot with our normal gaming audience – teens and tweens. I have to admit, I can’t see my 14-year-old son leaving his COD quests to enter Bluey’s world, but, hey, you never know!

Bluey video game sneak peek
Source: Outright Games / BBC Studios

It’s for all difficulty levels too. 

The developers have confirmed that you can change the difficult settings so that gamers of all skill levels can enjoy the game. They’ve also explained how the game is designed to be explored at your own pace with plenty of freedom at your disposal.

It features four key players.

Play alone or play alongside three other players. The four-player options include Bluey, Bingo, Chili, and Bandit. However, several other characters feature in the game as well, including Muffin, Radley, Strip and Grandad.

Bluey video game
Source: Outright Games / BBC Studios

There are four main ‘quests’.

Expect four main storylines to explore in the Bluey video game plus plenty of mini and side quests. For example, players can choose to play with Muffin at the park or head to the beach to complete acitivites.

According to Gameshub, “the game is described as an interactive sandbox adventure – presumably like Outright Games’ My Friend Peppa Pig – where players can explore the show’s signature locations in “story-driven, episodic gameplay”.

It incorporates a lot of the show.

While the game is developed by Spanish studio Artax Games, it’s also developed in partnership with the Ludo studio producers so you can expect the Bluey video game to have a very similar look and feel to the show.

Developers have also confirmed that games from the show like ‘Magic Xylophone’ and ‘Keepy Uppy’ are also featured and that players will be able to explore the Heeler world, including the iconic Heeler home. 

Other locations spotted in the announcement trailer include the Creek, where Bluey and Bingo are seen collecting rubbish with Grandad, the local playground, and the beach.

 It’s very important for us to capture the essence of fun and games that is central to the series,” said Kevin Jorge, head of games at BBC Studios. “We know fans will be excited to explore Bluey’s world and join in with the Heeler family’s antics.’

It’s available across several platforms.

This includes Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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For the love of Bluey

Bluey already has an incredible cult following, not just with our toddlers and preschoolers but with parents around the world. It’s probably one of the most relatable and watchable kids’ TV programs ever created with meaningful yet fun storylines and plenty of Easter eggs for parents too, such as the hidden Long Dogs. 

If you love Bluey, then check out these Bluey theories and Easter eggs that we’ve uncovered over the years. Very interesting stuff!

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