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Bluey Bedroom Ideas: How to Give Your Child’s Room a Bluey Makeover


A Bluey-themed bedroom is no doubt one of the most common bedroom requests from kids (and adults). If you’re after some Bluey bedroom inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place!

There’s no right or wrong way to Blueify your kids’ bedroom. You can use wall decals, Bluey bedding, wall art, Bluey accessories like pillows, rugs and curtains – whatever you – and they – want!

One of the themes we’re seeing more and more is to replicate Bluey and Bingo’s bedroom from the television show.  The colourful room features vibrant pink walls, an iconic watermelon rug, colourful lanterns and hanging stick art.

mum central

If you’re after Bluey bedroom inspiration, then take a peak inside these amazing Bluey bedrooms. Which one is your fave?

The Original Heeler Home

A few years ago AirBnB debuted their most iconic house to date (in our eyes, at least) with the Bluey Heeler Home. Everything about this place is perfectly on point, including the kids’ bedroom which is an exact replica of the cartoon version.

Bluey bedroom inspiration
How perfect! Source: Airbnb

Minus the animation and skylight.

Bluey bedroom Airbnb
Source: Airbnb

Make sure you scoot over to the original post and check out the entire gallery of photos from the epic Bluey House, which is located in Brisbane. It’s impressive to say the least!

Incredible DIY Bluey bedrooms 

Next, we have a DIY showstopper from a very talented parent who has made her daughter the Bluey dream room! The attention to detail is absolutely amazing and we adore the stained glass window.

mum central

The mum shared her daughter’s room on Reddit and we are incredibly impressed!

Bluey bedroom
Source: Reddit

While the bed is a touch different to the original, she sticks to the theme with a Bluey doona cover and plenty of Bluey plushes to cuddle too.

Bluey bedroom on Reddit
Source: Reddit

And how cool are the drawings of Bluey and Bingo?

Another Reddit user also hit the Bluey brief with her Bluey bedroom makeover for her two girls. The poster shared a series of photos of the room which feature all the standard Bluey bedroom finds including the wooden ladder, coloured lantern bunting and even an itty bitty stained glass window.

She even managed to track down the exact Bluey bedding!

Bluey bedroom on Reddit
Source: Reddit
Bluey bedroom on Reddit
Source: Reddit

For smaller Bluey fans, this mum set out the perfect Bluey nursery. The mum took to Reddit to explain she did the makeover on a mega-budget too.

Bluey nursery Reddit
Source: Reddit

Wackadoo! Wrapped in Bluey

TikTok is also a wonderful place to go Bluey bedroom inspiration hunting and boy, did this clever mum deliver!

Tiktok Bluey bedroom
Source: TikTok

While she didn’t stick to the traditional Bluey bedroom from the show, we LOVE the epic mural and the Billie sign for her little one. Good job mum!

How to Decorate a Bluey Bedroom Decor 

If you want to recreate Bluey and Bingo’s room, here are a few things you may want to look into making or buying:

  • Two-toned pink walls. You can pull this look off with paint, masking tape and lots of patience. Be sure to also pick up some glow-in-the-dark stars to scatter on the walls after they dry.
  • The lantern bunting – You can make this yourself but I’ve also seen them sold at Kmart in the birthday party section.
  • The wood mobiles – I love these and the kids can easily craft something very similar with some string, wood they picked up from the beach and some painted planets and star decorations.
  • Watermelon rug – You can pick one of these up on Amazon, Etsy and even at Adairs.
  • Various pillows – You can find star and cloud pillows at Kmart and Spotlight.
  • The stained glass window – This is a tricky one but have a look at how the clever parents below have mastered this – with a bit of wood and glass, you can DIY

Find Bluey Bedroom Merchandise

Adairs and Spotlight both have a lovely Bluey section but you can also find pretty much anything Bluey-inspired through eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Bluey bedding at Adairs
Source: Adairs
mum central
Source: Spotlight

Big W also have a range of Bluey bedding as does Target and Myer. 

Bluey bedding from Myer
Source: Myer

So, who is inspired to get started on their own Bluey bedroom?

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