HACK: The DIY Coat Hanger Star Decoration Going Viral This Christmas

It’s a Bunnings hack taking Christmas decorators by storm. What can you create with a few packets of coat hangers, a packet of cable ties and some fairy lights you ask? Christmas magic, that’s what!

The Bunnings coat hanger star hack goes viral

Is it a star or is it a snowflake? The jury is out on exactly what it is (gold dress, blue dress anyone?) but the fact remains the same – it’s an affordable large-scale Christmas light decoration and surprisingly, easy as heck to put together.

And it’s going more bonkers than Blitzen, more viral than Vixen. So much so, coat hangers are becoming a little hard to get…

Keep reading for a quick how-to to create your own!

coat hanger star hack
Christmas coat hanger star by day… Source: Beck Riley

One mum posted her spectacular display in the Facebook group, Bunnings Mums Australia. The talented mum went as far as to create a series of the coat hanger stars for the side of her home and it creates a beautiful display at night. It’s not too late, there’s still time to make your stars and get them up, folks!

coat hanger star hack
And pure magic by night! Source: Beck Riley

A note about coat hanger selection

Warning – you will need coat hangers that are the same. To get the true effect, you can’t simply Marie Kondo your wardrobe and use mismatched hangers. Good news though is coat hangers are CHEAP.

coat hanger star hack
IDENTICAL coat hangers for each star. Now is not the time for a wardrobe clear out. Source: Beck Riley

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Note: Depending on the size of your coat hangers, star shapes will vary.

What you need (for one complete star)

  • 20 coat hangers
  • LOTS of plastic zip ties
  • Solar fairy lights

What to do

  1. Lay 10 coat hangers out on the floor in a star shape, and start securing together.
  2. Repeat with the remaining 10 coat hangers to make a separate, second star.
  3. Place one completed star on top of the other, slightly offset and secure in place with zip ties.
  4. Wrap solar fairy lights around the ‘branches’ of the star and you’re done!
coat hanger star hack
The end product! Voila! Source: Beck Riley

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