New Financial Book Designed For Mums and Better than The Barefoot Investor IMO

Broke. Confused. Single. Hungover. Melbourne mortgage broker and author, Phoebe Blamey was ALL of us after a rough trot (and three bottles of wine).

Phoebe’s ‘rock bottom’ came in 2009. Her business partner had bolted, her boyfriend had left and she was discovering that life wasn’t as rosy as expected. So she did what any of us would do. She wallowed in self-loathing before rising up and doing something about it.

From the pit of despair, Phoebe crawled out of her financial hell hole and has since built a big ol’ mountain on top of it. Filled with fancy staircases, and ice sculptures.

Well, not quite, but she has turned her financial future around, has opened her own financial firm, Clover Financial Solutions, and poured her best-kept secrets into her best financial planning book that may just change your life!

It’s called The Happy Money Journey and it’s 152 pages of financial magic, served on an easy-to-digest platter with a side of sass.

The Happy Money Journey, Phoebe Blamey
Welcome to the financial bible of 2021. Source: Supplied

Money management made easy with The Happy Money Journey

The Happy Money Journey takes you through the Four Stages of Money Success in simple, everyday jargon that won’t confuse you or have your eyes glaze over. The step-by-step formula breaks down how you spend, save and invest, and how those things build your future.

  • Part One is all about analysing your money mindset and changing the way you view and treat money. Super important and will be a big surprise to many about how we view money as a starter!
  • Part Two teaches us to have money, either by earning it, saving more or reducing debt.
  • Part Three gives us insights into powerful money moves with incredibly helpful advice on all those adulting decisions – you know, like buying a house and investing.
  • And finally, Part Four looks at your future through things like super and insurance.
The Happy Money Journey
Kick your money goals for 2021 — and beyond. Source: Supplied

This is one of the best financial planning books I’ve ever read. Engaging, funny and also helpful. And none of that judgy BS either. 

Phoebe is able to help us master our own money journey without guilt or shame. Her book is all about helping women manage their personal finances on their own terms.”

Say hello to the best financial planning book out there

Throughout the book, there are also heaps of valuable lessons that are hugely relevant to our real worlds. Things like:

  • How to set up a budget that will actually work. The workbook is extra awesome for this (more on this later).
  • How to ask for a pay rise.
  • How to save for a house – and actually afford to put on a down payment. And not have to sell your first-born child in order to do so.
  • How to break free from sexually transmitted debt. Ex-partner debt is THE WORST!
  • How to start a side business. If you’ve always wanted to do this, then this book is awesome for helping you get started!
  • How to do a 28-day spending cleanse. This is like a month-long break from drinking, like OctSober, but instead of cutting off drinking, you are cutting off unnecessary spending. No fancy dinners or expensive cocktails, no online shopping, and no using cards – cash only! Pheobe explains how one of her clients, a couple with a young baby, saved $600 during their cleanse. And simply by cutting out unnecessary spending! Sign me up, thanks.
The Happy Money Journey
Take the fear out of finance with The Happy Money Journey and Workbook. Source: Supplied

Simple, straightforward, shame-free financial advice 

One of the best things about The Happy Money Journey is that it’s so relatable. It doesn’t feel like you’re getting lectured about your bad life choices or that you’re being judged for spending the majority of your money in your 20s partying in foreign countries and at four-day music festivals.

Phoebe gets it. She was probably right beside you at those festivals, buying overpriced tins of UDL’s with her line of credit.

You can also tell Phoebe knows her stuff – she’s been in the financial game for well over 20 years now and has her own successful business (Side note, if you’re in Melbourne, check out Clover Financial Solutions).

mum central
Phoebe has helped countless women get their finances on track. Source: Supplied

The Happy Money Journey Workbook

In addition to The Happy Money Journey, Phoebe has also designed a handy little workbook to track your financial successes.

You don’t need to make your own spreadsheet on Excel (and then never look at it again) or track your spending through Notes on your phone. Nope, all your spending, expenses, and goals are right in front of you, in your very own financial vision book.

If you’re a highly visual person, then you’ll LOVE this! Even if you’re not, it’s still a practical resource worth testing out.

mum central
The Happy Money Workbook is a Vision Book for your Finances. Source: Supplied

Your life, your money success

We’re all on different paths with our money successes (and failures).

Some of us are desperately trying to save for a house in an insanely overpriced market. Some of us own our place, are saving heaps every week. Oh, and holidaying every school term! 

Some of us are looking at leaving our partners and starting fresh. And probably feeling terrified about it, especially the financial side of things. Some of us tune out every time someone even mentions the terms superannuation, insurance or wills.

Most of us are probably spending too much on homewares for ourselves and toys for our kids. And most of us also probably also feel guilty that we haven’t quite figured out this financial thing just yet.

I mean, we’re adults. Shouldn’t we be on top of this by now? 

mum centralWell, we can be. With Phoebe’s help. The Happy Money Journey is all about making good money decisions for our own life, whatever path we’re on.

But it’s more than this – it’s about changing our money mindset so that we feel good about where we are with our finances. Because ain’t no mumma got time for money guilt!

Simple, straightforward, and sure to change your money mindset, we at Mum Central recommend this book to every single mum out there. Trust us, it could change your life.

Join The Happy Money Journey

You can pick up The Happy Money Journey through Clover Financial Solutions for $27.95. When you buy it, you will also get exclusive access to the Happy Honeys Facebook Community to feel supported on your own journey.

The Happy Money Journey
Say hello to the shame-free guide and workbook on getting your finances into an order that suits you. Source: Supplied

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