Imagine the heartbreak of losing your father to cancer only months before your wedding day. Think of the pain and sorrow mingled with when the bride doesn’t have her father to walk her down the aisle and share the wedding dance.

Knowing how much his sister would be missing their father that day, Andrea’s brother wanted to do something special for her to honour his memory, and you can tell from her reaction how much it means to her.

You won’t want to miss this father-daughter wedding dance. Just make sure you have tissues handy because this is definitely a tear-jerker!  How heart-wrenching and beautiful.

Watching Andrea dance first with her grandfather, then her brothers, and lastly her new father-in-law, you can see how deeply she misses her father and how much the other men in her family love and care for her.

What an incredible tribute to her father’s memory and a wonderful gift from her brother!


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  1. I know a couple who held an unofficial wedding ceremony in a hospital room because his Mum had Cancer and they knew she would definitely would not be here for the Official Wedding Ceremony.

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