High School Students Sing in Hope for Their Cancer-Stricken Teacher

High school students – they’re self-absorbed, spend all their time texting, tweeting and checking in on social media and only think about themselves. Right? Wrong!

At least, not when it comes to 400 high school students who attend Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville.

Teacher Ben Ellis has been battling cancer. In a show of support, 400 students (and the entire high school faculty) gathered outside of the teacher’s home. As Ellis looked on from a window in his home, the students sang the song “Holy Spirit” to him. This touching scene certainly isn’t the typical ‘picture’ that many people have of today’s teens. Instead of hovering behind a smart phone, thumbs buzzing over a touch screen, these high schoolers are taking time to show how much they care for this beloved teacher.

The scene was so heart-warming that country music star Tim McGraw (who was given a video of the serenade by a friend) posted it on his Facebook page, writing, “Our thoughts and Prayers are with him and his family…So precious and kind.” So far more than 24 million people around the world have viewed the video. It’s also been shared more than 451,000 times.

A mum of one of the students who participated in the show of support wrote on McGraw’s Facebook page,

“Our children attend CPA and my high schooler LOVES Mr. Ellis, he was her Latin teacher for 2 years. We ALL love Mr. Ellis and his precious family. The kids were giving back to him some of the love he has given to them. He is the definition of a teacher, a role model, a servant.”

She goes on to include the letter that the school principal sent to the parents, “Over the course of the night and into this morning, three separate and unrelated people approached me saying that while praying they received a vision of the high school students and faculty singing praises on the front lawn of the home of Ben Ellis, our Latin teacher who is battling cancer and who loves a good hymn sing. So, we loaded the buses and cars and went.”

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Photo source: Tim McGraw/Facebook

So, you’re thinking, “Well, is this video only special for people who are religious?” Not at all. Even if you’re not all about religion, the outpouring of love will still get to you when you watch this video. One Facebook viewer commented, “I’m not even religious and I wanted to take the time to say how beautiful this is. This is what being on this planet is supposed to be about. Taking the time to lift others up. Brings a joyful tear to my eye.”

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Photo source: Tim McGraw/Facebook

Take a look at this super sweet video and we’re sure it will bring a tear to your eye too! If you have any doubt that teenagers (or people in general) can still be completely caring, this clip proves that thoughtfulness and love do exist. As one Facebook commenter puts it, “This brought me to tears to think that out in a world filled with hatred there are still beams of light spreading love and kindness to one another.”

divider-3UPDATE: It was reported today, Saturday 17th September, that Ben Ellis has sadly passed away. Our condolences go out to his family.  At peace.

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