Tickle Me Pink: 9 High Tea Treats For Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Fun bags, jumblies, tatas, tits, bosoms, boobs or breasts – whatever you call ’em, it’s time to bring them out for breast cancer awareness.

But don’t unclip your bras, ladies. We’re talking about boob cakes, biscuits and other boobish treats, obvs.

October is Australia’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and there’s never been a better reason to get in the kitchen to raise money and awareness. Without further ado, release the boobs.

9 Fun Recipes that Celebrate Boobs for Breast Cancer

1. Boob sprinkle toppers

Less can be more when it comes to cupcake toppers – I present DIY boob sprinkles from The Decorated Cookie. The perfect way to give your cupcakes a breast cancer awareness makeover.

breast cupcakes

2. Gingerbread (wo)men

Is there anything greater than a well endowed gingerbread woman? I think not. I adore these cute options from Red Bubble and Pinterest. Here’s a gingerbread biscuit recipe to get you started.

gingerbread women recipe

3. Pink popcorn mix

Honestly, have you ever even seen prettier popcorn? Head to Suzie’s Sweet Tooth to find out what’s in her pretty popcorn blend.

pink popcorn recipe

4. Sneaky breast cupcakes

From I Am Baker, these gorgeous lemon cupcakes with strawberry buttercream icing. Not intended to look like breasts, Amanda herself admits they do bare resemblance!

cheeky breast cupcakes for Breast Cancer

5. Mammo-Grahams

Anyone who has experienced a mammogram will know that this is EXACTLY how it feels. Sub hard to find Graham Crackers out for any other biscuit – just squish them down! Hip2Save uses almond paste but you could just as easily use a giant marshmallow and create a s’more.

boob cakes

6. Pink meringue ribbons

A super sweet and crunchy way to raise awareness, pink meringue ribbons. Have your piping bag and tip at the ready, you’ll find the handy tutorial at Delish.

pink meringue ribbons

7. Pink dip

Pooled lunch and don’t know what to bring? Stick to the pink theme and present a lush bowl of bright pink beet hummus. Delicious! Find the recipe at Jessica In The Kitchen.

pink dip recipe

8. Pink ribbon biscuits

Get yourself an awareness ribbon cookie cutter and you’re good to go! Cooking LSL has a quick sugar cookie recipe to follow. You can even pick up pink ribbon sprinkles for easy decorating, WINNING.

breast cancer pink ribbon biscuits

9. Sweet strawberry mousse

Cute as a button, top individual cups of strawberry mousse with whipped cream and pink ribbon sprinkles. Sweet!

pink strawberry mousse recipe

Fundraising big or small, every dollar towards supporting breast cancer research helps and we hope one of these recipes inspires you. AND remember to check your boobs!

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South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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